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To accelerate the benefits of sustainable air mobility.



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West Oakland, Oakland, CA


44% employee growth in 12 months

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Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

Electric air taxis may sound like a pipedream, but companies like Archer are in the process of testing models that they hope to begin producing at scale in 2025. Designed to be quiet and efficient, its current model can fly at speeds of 150 miles per hour and cover 60 miles per flight. With urban transport in mind, these air taxis are both greener and vastly more efficient than traditional vehicles.

Given the congestion and pollution issues that many cities are facing, it's easy to imagine such transport taking over. It’s also worth noting that although Archer plans to run them with human pilots initially, the company has automation as part of its long-term goals.

Other players exist in this space: EHang, a Chinese firm, flew its first aerial taxi in America in 2020. However, Archer has big backers and customers such as United Airlines (acting both as an investor and launch customer) and manufacturing partner Stellantis with whom it is mass-producing its flagship Midnight eVTOL aircraft.

There's certainly a growing demand for clean transport without sacrificing speed, but many barriers still remain in Archer's way as it must help to initiate a seismic shift in transportation infrastructure and behaviors to reach mass adoption.

Total funding - $55.7m

Last fundraise

Jul 2020



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Company values

  • Transparency - We rely on transparent, direct, and honest communication to achieve our mission in the most productive way possible as one team. We’re all in this together
  • Long-term thinking - We are long-term, mission-driven thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are not afraid to be bold, think creatively, and overcome any obstacles along the way to turning our dream into reality
  • Safety - Safety first, always. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our employees, future passengers, and the environment by building a high redundancy aircraft with no single point of failure. Through testing, high quality materials, and precision we will never compromise on safety
  • Sustainability - We’re dedicated to creating an aircraft that will push the world towards a zero-emissions future. By using advanced technology, electric batteries, and safe materials, the environment and health of our communities always comes first
  • Celebration - Most importantly, we celebrate together. From team events to test flights and everything in between, we know how to have fun


Started their career in financial services, before co-founding Vettery, a talent marketplace, in 2012. Founded Archer in 2018.

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