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Arenko Group

Automation & optimisation for the energy transition

21-100 employees
  • B2B
  • Energy
  • Trading
  • SaaS
Temple, London, UK

Company mission

Arenko's mission is to bring balance to the energy system by unlocking the full value of batteries and renewables with automation and optimisation towards a carbon free future.

Some candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

40% female employees

14% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take

Xav Kearney headshot

Xav Kearney

CTO of Otta

In 2020, renewable energy was the only energy source for which demand increased and it is expected that renewables will account for 90% of capacity increases over the next two years. Arenko Group aims to modernise the infrastructure that ensures this capacity can be optimised.

The company provides software solutions that allow energy operators to supply energy more efficiently to the grid. Through their AI-powered software system, Arenko supports battery asset owners and operators to optimise their energy storage by allowing them automatically buy and sell electricity on the grid ensuring they maximise revenue across multiple power and energy markets at the same time.

Arenko currently works with the battery and grid operators across the UK and are part of the National Grid ESO’s Technology Advisory Council, along with the likes of Transport for London and Octopus Energy. With a focus on creating a faster path to net-zero and a more resilient energy grid, Arenko aims to become a global leader in this space.


  • A genuine approach to flexible working - the vast majority of our employees spend at least a day or 2 each week in the office but we’re open to making this work for everyone, their personal circumstances and their workloads
  • Enhanced parental leave offerings with 6 months of full salary for the primary caregiver and 1 month for the secondary caregiver
  • A discretionary bonus scheme
  • A yearly salary review for all employees
  • We are proud to support the continuous professional growth of our employees by providing a personal annual learning and development budget and fully covering the costs of professional membership fees and subscriptions relevant to your role
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning on us
  • Bike to Work Scheme (because it wouldn’t be very on brand if we didn’t encourage you to think about how your travel affects the environment)
  • Octopus EV Scheme (see above!)
  • A commitment to your wellbeing, with access to our Employee Assistance Programme
  • Internal working groups to focus on the things that matter to you like our “Women of Arenko”. “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” and “Parents of Arenko” groups
  • Regular opportunities to blow off some steam engage with our team, including monthly socials, the big Festive Gathering and the Summer Party. We’re also working on our wellness calendar for 2024 with events to support your Physical, social, mental and financial wellbeing.

Company values

  • Innovation - We disrupt and dare to push the boundaries
  • We are Arenko!
  • Ambition - We win as a team
  • Sustainability - We create a better future
  • Integrity - We lead by example
  • Open & Inclusive - We collaborate and include everyone


Rupert Newland

(Chief Executive Officer and Board Member)

Previously worked for 5 years at Beetle Capital Partners, first as Analyst for 6 months and then as an Associate for 5 years.

Diversity & Inclusion at Arenko Group

Hannah Buckley headshot

Hannah Buckley (Head of People)

  • Making sure that everyone feels valued and is able to perform to the best of their ability is critical to our success. That is why diversity and inclusion is increasingly on the agenda here at Arenko. Some of our top initiatives include:
  • Partnering with Future CodeHers to teach girls at school about careers and opportunities in technology and software development
  • Working with the Royal Academy of Engineering on their annual Diversity and Inclusion engineering survey
  • Adapting our recruitment practices to ensure it is a more diverse and inclusive process. Our hiring process and job postings have been designed to reduce biases and encourage a variety of people to apply
  • We have multiple Mental Health First Aiders and provide employees with the opportunity to have this training. We provide mental health support via mental health days, Wellbeing Wednesdays, our Employee Assistance Program and other wellness initiatives to support team members
  • In September 2021, we were pleased to achieve a gender split of 40% female and 60% male. We know we still have a way to go, but we are continuously making improvements to ensure we are diverse as possible with people from all backgrounds
  • We also realise that we can always improve and ask the team if they have any ideas or suggestions to improve out cultures. We'd love to hear about any ideas you have!



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