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To improve education for young children, given the vital importance of early education for later life.



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Financial District, San Francisco, CA


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Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

Childcare and teaching is a profession fraught with pressures and paperwork and yet it remains relatively ill attended to by advances in tech and software. Brightwheel want to revolutionize this, focusing on facilitating the administrative and communicative relationship between schools, carers and parents or guardians.

As tech enters the classrooms there are various apps focusing on the education itself with fewer actually handling the communications for schools. Its platform helps increase parental and teacher engagement with students everyday, while helping small education businesses save money, time, and to grow.

Brightwheel are carving out a name for themselves as a service valuable for its exciting and useful new updates. They were quick to adapt to school closures by offering distance learning capabilities and health testing. They also cater to childcare in lower-income areas with their freemium model. If they remain on this course of steady, popular development and wide uptake, they will likely achieve their goal of going public in a few years time.

Total funding - $88.8m

Last 2 fundraises

Oct 2018



Feb 2021



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  • Work from home opportunities

Company values

  • Deliver Value for Customers
  • Take Ownership
  • Get Better Every Day
  • Think Critically, Move Fast
  • Dive Deep
  • Trust, and Challenge
  • Make it Happen
  • Achieve Extraordinary Results


Dave started his career at Morgan Stanley, before spending a year at Cisco and 3 years as a Bain Consultant. He worked at Amazon for 2 years, and after taking on several Advisory roles he founded Brightwheel in 2014.

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