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Company mission

To help organizations bring together engaging discussions, members, live streams, chat, events, and memberships — all in one place, all under their own brand.



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Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY


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42% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take on Circle

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

The influencer market is nearly twice the size it was globally back in 2019. With more creators flocking to the digital space to grow and engage with their followers, cracks in the existing platforms’ relationship to their content creators are showing. Circle is one of a number of content creator platforms rising up to meet the demand for change.

Its community platform allows users to create and engage with their own groups, for a small subscription fee established by the creators. This direct ownership and community engagement is proving something of a silver bullet for companies looking to tempt creators off of incumbent giants like Tiktok and Youtube. Companies like Substack, Patreon, and Pico have all seen remarkable success with this strategy, suggesting that Circle’s foray into establishing something similar for a creator hub is playing to an eager market.

The company's ultimate aim is to pull together all creator tools like newsletter publishing, merch sales, and podcasting under a single Circle umbrella. This is ambitious - but Circle is growing alongside the creator economy at an impressive pace. If it can maintain this growth, it will be poised well for future success.

Total funding - $30.2m

Last 2 fundraises

Feb 2021



Dec 2021



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Company benefits

    🌍 Company-wide benefits

  • Medical coverage & reimbursements: Depending on your location, you will either be offered a full medical plan for you & your family, or offered generous monthly reimbursements to help with medical costs.
  • Equity package: We offer an equity package to every person that works at Circle.
  • Paid time off: We offer 35-days of PTO per year based on your hire date. Up to 50% can carry over to the next year.
  • Work from home, or anywhere: All of our employees are 100% remote!
  • Learning & development stipend: Take advantage of up to $500 USD per year to help you level up your professional skills.
  • Home office stipend: New joiners receive $2,150 USD on their first paycheck to help outfit their home office, with a refresh every three years.
  • Company offsites: Twice a year, the Circle team gets together for a fully paid company retreat in incredible places around the world!
  • Annual bonus: Roles that don't already receive variable income or commission are eligible to earn up to an extra 5% of their annual earnings as a yearly bonus based on overall company performance.
  • U.S.-benchmarked compensation, no matter where you are in the world.
  • 🇺🇸 US benefits

  • 401k with employer match: U.S. employees can partake in a 401k plan that has a 5% match, dollar-for-dollar.

Company values

  • 🌱 Grow together — We give honest feedback to others with the best intentions, and listen to valuable feedback when it’s given. We strive to grow with our company and operate with a growth mindset. We own our mistakes and avoid finger-pointing when things don’t go our way.
  • 💡 Trust and autonomy — Our team members have solid judgement, and seek to earn a high degree of trust from everyone they work with by showing them their best judgement. Once a team member has earned trust, they can operate with a sense of autonomy and can do their best work without too much supervision. Our leaders seek to instill a sense of autonomy in their team members.
  • 🏃🏽‍♀️ Bias for action — We jump to action with passion and positivity. When faced with challenges or opportunities, we're able to move fast and get things done. We value achieving tangible outcomes above simply valuing the inputs to those outcomes (i.e. planning, surveys, process, etc.).
  • 💻 Product first — Everyone at Circle cares deeply about our product, and strives to do their best to make it better regardless of their role. We're open to sharing or receiving constructive feedback about our product at all times.
  • 💭 Long-term thinking — We're here for Circle’s future and value its long-term mission. We pause and reflect on the fundamentals. We constantly seek to make trade-offs which benefit Circle’s mission over the course of the next decade — not just the immediate month or quarter ahead.


Sid Yadav

(Co-founder & CEO)

Previously founded, and wrote for VentureBeat, before moving on to work on design and front-end engineering both freelance and with Wizpert. Prior to Circle, worked in various senior product roles at Teachable.

Andrew Guttormsen

(Co-founder & Head of Revenue Operations)

Previously an equities trader and analyst with SMB Capital, who moved on to found visitor engagement games design company, Exploreous. Subsequently held various senior roles in growth and marketing at Teachable.

Rudy Santino

(Co-founder & Head of Design)

Has 20+ years experience as a designer, and spent time at Teachable + Gumroad working closely with dozens of top creators.

Diversity & Inclusion at Circle

Andrea Rojas headshot

Andrea Rojas (Head of People)

  • As a fully-remote international company, diversity is baked into our DNA. Here’s how our CEO, Sid Yadav, frames our hiring mission: “let’s find talent in underserved and under-represented corners of the world, set them up to do the best work of their lives, and in turn, change their life.” To achieve this hiring mission, we offer competitive U.S.-benchmarked compensation no matter where someone’s located in the world, and we proactively seek candidates who expand representation of backgrounds, cultures and lived experiences in our teams.

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