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To build machines that understand the world, and to make them safely accessible to all.



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Grange Park, Toronto, ON


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Otta's take on Cohere

Xav Kearney headshot

Xav Kearney

CTO of Otta

The AI industry biggest stakeholders insist that the next step in enhancing web experiences will be through natural language interactions. While this may be true, only companies with considerable resources can reasonably address the gap needed to bring NLP to the forefront of web integration. Cohere was founded to address this shortfall between NLP development, widespread usage, and the resources required.

Cohere works on building top-of-the-class NLP processing models and software which it makes available to customers through APIs and custom solutions. In a strategic move, the company has partnered with Google Cloud, giving them access to resources that will undoubtedly push the field of NLP forward. This allows Cohere to serve as middlemen by offering a wide range of customers a product built on unmatched technology.

AI is currently a worldwide talking point and so it is no surprise that Cohere has seen rapid development, and is currently in talks to raise $250M in a funding round that could value the startup at more than $6B. The company plans to introduce a dialogue model that would resemble ChatGPT, however, in this case, its technology would be mainly accessible to developers and businesses.

Total funding - $440m

Last 2 fundraises

Feb 2022



Mar 2023



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Company benefits

  • We cover 100% of premiums across health, dental, vision & travel
  • We offer RRSP, 401K, and Pension Scheme contributions
  • We offer lunch and fitness studio credits and a quality time fund which can be spent on things like dog walking and laundry services
  • We want everyone who contributes to our success to get a ‘piece of the pie’
  • Work Remote & PTO
  • We know that some people work better at home, so we are remote-first, and sure that all meetings, events, and opportunities are set up for our distributed team
  • Every employee at Cohere gets 6 weeks of paid time off & US and Canadian federal holidays, and we provide unlimited sick days
  • All new parents (including those who adopt or go through a surrogate journey) are eligible to receive 100% salary for 6 months in Canada, the US, and the UK
  • The decision and journey to having kids is different for each person and family. Part of our commitment to diversity is being able to support the widest variety of these scenarios as we can so we offer financial support for egg freezing and IVF for those in the US, Canada and the UK
  • Every employee at Cohere receives an annual $2,000 education fund to use as they please

Company values

  • We build for a positive future
  • We build for the many
  • We always stay curious
  • Now never stops, and that's pretty fun


Has a PhD in Computer Science from Oxford University. Previously worked as a Researcher at Google (Brain) and

Previous experience working in research and engineering at, Cortex labs, Pressly and Ranomics.

Previously worked as a Research Engineer at Google (Brain).

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