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To make crypto data accessible.



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Sentrum, Oslo, Oslo


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Xav Kearney

CTO of Otta

Dune is a cryptocurrency analytics platform offering users free access to analyse and create analytics dashboards on a range of digital assets, from NFTs to DeFi protocols. It makes crypto analysis easier for those who want to keep on top of metrics with added ease.

Dune decodes Ethereum smart contract data to facilitate analysis with simple SQL queries through its interface. This allows instant visualisation of query results into graphs. Further, the cryptocurrency sector is seeing a surge in valuations, with analytics companies like Coin Metrics and DappRadar enjoying comparable interest. With digital asset trading broadly unregulated, and the technology still very much developing, the value of strong analytics could prove immeasurable going forward.

Founded in 2018, Dune has enjoyed a remarkably swift rise; 2022 funding has granted it unicorn status and it is seeing rising popularity in the sector. For now, however, the company is focussed very much on improving accessibility for crypto data, and growing its team.

Total funding - $79.5m

Last 2 fundraises

Aug 2021



Feb 2022



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Company benefits

  • Remote role with flexible working hours within a fully distributed team
  • Competitive salary and equity package
  • Regular offsites with the team
  • 5 weeks paid vacation + local public holidays
  • Stipend for setting up your home office / co-working space

Company values

  • Ambition - Life is short and in that short time span you can have a huge impact or you can have little impact. At Dune we want to have a huge impact. We are inspired by great founders, artists, athletes, thinkers and tinkerers that have truly changed the world and we want to do the same
  • Ownership - At Dune we all take ownership over product, projects, processes and beyond. Nothing is too big or too small to pick up. We all roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to ensure that what needs to be done gets done
  • Speed, thoughtfully - When a small number of dedicated and skilled people focus hard on solving a problem amazing things can be done in very little time. We also believe part of what sets great teams apart is their ability to think through problems before jumping to a solution. Sometimes moving a little bit slower now lets us move a lot faster later. In general we should move incredibly fast, but also recognize when we need to be thoughtful before acting
  • Integrity - Integrity is having a perspective and saying it like it is. If anything is off we flag it and address it without hesitation. Be that in the data, moral standards of your colleagues or product we deliver. At Dune there's no barrier to speak your mind in a respectful and constructive manner. Furthermore, to us integrity is also sincerity and the intangible feeling of something just being right - like hearing a brilliant song. We want to evoke such feelings with the products, relationships and culture we build
  • Enjoy - The path is the goal, so you need to enjoy yourself along the way. Professional athletes train and work extremely hard, but also take good care of themselves. At Dune we do the same. We think it's important to have fun and enjoy the ride, both inside and outside of work. While working at Dune there's time for the various things in life that make you physically and mentally happy


Studied at the Norwegian School of Economics, and was a Project Manager at Clarify Language. Worked as Trend Manager Blockchain at Schibsted Media Group.

Was a Software Engineer at Comperio and a Senior Data Scientist at Schibsted Media Group.

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