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Grocery delivery service

1001+ employees
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Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Company mission

To deliver organic fresh fruit, vegetables, and other groceries directly to the homes of customers, within 10 minutes, at supermarket prices.

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Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Online grocery delivery services in Europe range from early supermarket-specific services to the more recent success of mobile food-ordering applications. However despite thier proliferation grocery delivery services still face long waiting lists and logistic bottlenecks, with faster solutions coming with a compromise on the range and quality of products.

Flink provides an online website and mobile application for the delivery of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other organic-quality groceries to European homes. The company provides its services to 100 different European cities across Germany, the Netherlands and France, and claims that its grocery deliveries are provided at supermarket prices within 10 minutes of ordering.

Flink is one of the few remaining independent grocery delivery startups in Europe, with most of the others either having been acquired or shut down. German rival Gorillas for instance ate through its initial investments and was taken over in 2022. Flink has been playing a more conservative strategy, aiming for more steady growth, but had to receive a fresh investment round of 100 million euros in 2024 to help it outlast competitors. Rumors of a potential merger with competitor companies indicate the lengths that Flink is going to maintain its dominance in a market that, at present, is suffering from lower demand and higher costs.


  • A good salary and fringe benefits
  • A start-up environment with growth opportunities
  • An environment where you have a lot of impact, and where your ideas immediately become reality
  • A young and dynamic team
  • A flexible employer
  • 20% discount on your own Flink groceries

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Oliver Merkel


Partner at Bain & Company. Co-founded Flink in December 2020.

Consultant at Bain & Company before founding foodora, where they served as MD and Global CMO. Also served as CMO at Rappi.

Began career at Adidas before becoming Manager Director at fashion4home GmbH.

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