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To prepare all game developers to be successful in the new blockchain landscape.



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Eureka Valley, San Francisco, CA


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Xav Kearney

CTO of Otta

Forte allows game publishers to easily integrate blockchain technologies into their games and content apps. This enables features like seamless token wallets, NFT minting, and tailored services for blockchain token economies. This shift allows players to genuinely own in-game goods, transforming purchases into meaningful assets. Globally, users can freely trade goods and services, fostering creative and economic opportunities.

Anticipated to reach $46B by 2025, the gaming market's potential is vast. Positioned strategically with existing partnerships, Forte is hailed as an industry Unicorn. Beyond capitalizing on this growth, Forte aims to facilitate economic expansion and is developing in-game asset management for open market trading.

Forte's co-founder, Kevin Chou, previously co-founded Kabam, which was acquired for nearly $1B. Under Chou's leadership, Forte aims to diversify revenue streams for developers while mitigating upfront investment risks. With $725M raised in 2021, Forte is set to reshape the industry through sophisticated in-game micropayment ecosystems.

Total funding - $910m

Last 2 fundraises

May 2021



Nov 2021



This company has top investors


Mahesh Vellanki


Currently Co-Founder at RLY Network Association and Managing Partner at Superlayer. Previously Principal at Redpoint Ventures, Investment Banking at Citi.

Kevin Chou


Currently Managing Partner at Super Layer, Executive Chairman at Gen. G Sports, and on the Board of Trustees at the University of California, Berkeley. Previously Co-Founder at RLY Network.

Brett Seyler


Currently Chairman and Investor at First Foundry and an Investor at Merigo. Previously CEO at Beyond Games and Founder at Americana Game Studio.

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