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Code hosting service for software building

1001+ employees
  • B2B
  • Internal tools
  • SaaS
  • DevOps
South Beach, San Francisco, CA

Company mission

To help every developer—regardless of experience level—learn, code, and ship software effectively.

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18% employee growth in 12 months

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Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

GitHub was founded to make a developer’s job easier with open and asynchronous communication, distributed version control, and source code management with Git. In the first year alone, 100,000 users were pushing code on the site.

GitHub has quickly become the world’s most popular platform for developers to collaborate on open-source projects from anywhere. Nearly every major company including Facebook, Google, and Apple hosts open-source projects on GitHub.

Github's approach to working mirrors its community, with employees collaborating remotely from all corners of the world. In 2018 Microsoft acquired the company as part of its larger strategy focusing on cloud computing services. GitHub is also continually evolving, with rolling investments placed into the continual development of its platform.


  • Build amazing things with a balance of autonomy and collaborative teamwork. Set your own work schedule and make use of a flexible PTO plan when you need to recharge
  • You’ll enjoy 100% coverage of health insurance premiums across our medical, dental, and vision plan offerings, including coverage for dependents
  • We also offer five months of paid family leave to all new parents with the option to use it all at once or throughout the baby’s first year
  • GitHub provides a monthly wellness stipend designed to cover anything from gym memberships, massage, meditation apps, or any other wellness related expenses
  • Learn how you learn best. From books to conferences, you’ll get a yearly budget for your individual learning and development goals
  • GitHub matches charitable donations up to $15,000 per calendar year. And for each hour (up to 40 hours) of volunteering per year, you will receive $20 to donate to an organization of your choice
  • Whether you live near an office or not, GitHub believes you can do your best work wherever you are. If you work remotely, you will receive a stipend to outfit your home office and receive reoccurring reimbursement refreshes
  • At GitHub, you’ll have a stake in the future success of our platform with equity grants. For full-time employees, we offer competitive 401k planning with a 50% company match up to the IRS 402(g) annual limit

Company values

  • Customer Obsessed
  • Trust by Default
  • Ship to Learn
  • Own the Outcome
  • Growth Mindset
  • Global Product, Global Team
  • Anything is Possible
  • Practice Kindness

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Currently Board Member at Spice AI. Previously Principal Director of PM at Microsoft, Co-Founder at HockeyApp / Bit Stadium GmbH and Codenauts GmbH. PhD Graduate of Mechanical Engineering at University of Glasgow.

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