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Therapist-by-insurance marketplace

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401 Broadway New York NY 10013

Company mission

To build a new mental healthcare system, rewired for access and affordability.

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Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

1 in 4 US citizens are currently living with treatable mental health conditions, however, a vast majority of people are unable to access the care they need, the primary reason being cost. Headway connects clients with therapists who accept insurance as payment and provides independent practitioners with the tools and resources needed to serve their patients and manage administrative workloads.

Headway’s concept is timely, with national mental health under particular strain following events from the past few years. The company facilitates over 300,000 appointments per month and has attracted backing from the likes of Accel and Google Ventures.

Covering 16 states and the District of Columbia, the company intends to broaden its presence across the US using its 2023 Series C funding of $125 million. This is a crucial avenue for further growth, as medical care deserts across the US mean the potential market is vast.


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Company values

  • Think future first
  • Act like a Headway owner
  • The first time is always handmade
  • Be relationship-obsessed
  • Invest in yourself to invest in our mission

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