Platform connecting hotel software providers with hotel inventory and services

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Company mission

To make every travel experience perfect. By building a future in which travel is seamlessly connected and relentlessly inventive.



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London, UK


36% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take on Impala

Xav Kearney headshot

Xav Kearney

CTO of Otta

Impala wants to be as simple as Stripe or Twilio but for hotels. With a few lines of code, any developer should be able to get started with Impala before diving deeper.

Hotels use Property Management Systems to manage rooms, room types, extras, pricing, taxes etc. These systems are old, and providers to hotels need a load of integrations to connect to all the different hotel systems to get the data they need. Impala wants to make this easier by building a standardised API for anyone building services on top of hotel systems.

They're also building a direct booking API. Right now, many hotels manually upload booking data to websites like, or use a middle-man to do this. Their API could cut out all of that and the commissions to middle-men along the way.

Total funding - $33m

Last 2 fundraises

Oct 2019



Feb 2020



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Company benefits

  • Generous Pay-Rise Opportunities - pay reviews bi-annually, with 3.5x the average increase potential, using a fair, objective and consistent formula
  • 10% Time - for engineers to dedicate towards learning and personal projects
  • Flexible Benefits Package - so you can chose to spend on the Health & Wellbeing and Lifestyle benefits that mean the most to you, your environment, and your family
  • 28 days holiday (excl. bank holidays)
  • Work from anywhere opportunities (within EU and UK)
  • Health insurance
  • Additional "un-sick" day per year

Company values

  • Run Through Walls
  • Dream Differently
  • Keep it Human
  • No Passengers


Previously worked as a software engineer

Previously worked in Sales at Patch Plants, and in various other sales roles

Diversity & Inclusion at Impala

Tilly Firth headshot

Tilly Firth (Head of People and Talent)

  • We went beyond the usual standards on the D&I front, and we created our own D&I deck. This contains most of our D&I initiatives. This was created to hold us accountable, to further embed D&I into our cultural identity, to share thoughts and ideas to other companies, and to encourage more diverse ranges of candidates to apply to Impala - as anyone from any background would hopefully be able to see that they would be included at Impala. View the deck at
  • We've partnered with ReachOut in their Level Up program, to support people from disadvantaged or underrepresented backgrounds.
  • We run 'Inclusion 1:1s' each quarter, and ensure we maintain a virtuous cycle of inclusion
  • We've carefully crafted flexible policies, as we think these create a more inclusive environment. Check out our Flexa page for more
  • We also embed equity measures in hiring - beyond just 'equality' measures - we view diversity measures in hiring as a series of processes that should be coherent and congruent. Examples include: 1) A higher referral payout for referrals from underrepresented backgrounds, 2) More time and resources dedicated to sourcing candidates from underrepresented backgrounds, and 3) Adjusting the minimum requirements and reviewing data beyond the CV to make sure we're not excluding people
  • We researched and addressed some of the main reasons why Women and Minority Ethnic candidates may typically be deterred from applying to a startup, and proactively shared thought pieces on the topic
  • We look to focus our efforts and resources on grassroots initiatives as well as internal initiatives. We care more about there being a fairer environment and industry and making it better for the future, rather than just creating a more diverse team

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