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To help every small business make a big impact.



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Downtown San Jose, San Jose, CA


-31% employee growth in 12 months

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Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

The US tax code is so complex that even many accountants are unable to fully identify and take advantage of the rebates and credits available to early stage technology businesses. These credits can be worth tens of thousands of dollars to even small businesses, so there's a strong incentive to seek them out.

MainStreet takes on this burden for businesses by connecting to startups’ payroll and scanning the data on a monthly basis for potential federal, state, and local tax credits. It then advances 80% of the credit due to the startup so it can use the funds right away, and charge a 20% commission fee for its time.

With more than half a million new startups being created every year, MainStreet certainly has a flourishing market at its fingertips. In recent years, local governments and states are looking to attract businesses to their specific region with rebates and incentives, making the market for a platform like MainStreet bigger than ever.

The founders are ex-Google employees and successful technology entrepreneurs themselves. Founder Doug Ludlow was motivated to start the company due to his experience growing up in a city greatly impacted by the decline of big business. If smaller businesses are able to flourish, he believes that communities can continue to thrive.

Total funding - $62.7m

Last 2 fundraises

Jun 2020



Mar 2021



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Company benefits

  • Health & Wellness - We cover 100% of medical, dental, life, vision, and disability insurance for you and your dependents
  • Paid Time Off - Take unlimited PTO to rest and recharge. You can’t give your best if you don’t have the energy to give
  • Parental Leave - We offer generous parental leave so you can take the time you need to care for your little ones
  • Retirement Options - Save for the future with a 401K plan that fits your retirement goals
  • In-Home “Office” Perks - We’re a remote-first company, fully distributed across 30+ states and Canada. And we just opened our first in-person office in San Jose!
  • Company Outings - We come together at least once a year to celebrate our wins, build in-person relationships, and look to what’s next

Company values

  • We won’t stop until we've helped every small business. / We come to work because we believe that we can fundamentally reshape America's economic landscape. We pursue big bets in service of our customers, and when we hit headwinds we find a path forward.
  • We’re a backyard BBQ kind of company. / Whether on Zoom or literally in each other’s backyards, joining MainStreet feels like joining a gathering of old friends. We’re committed to making sure the diversity of our customers is reflected in the team that serves them.
  • We are each responsible for the team's success. / Integrity, respect, and trust from the bottom line - we know that we can't succeed if we don't do what is right every. single. time. We’re humble as individuals so that we can accomplish great things together.
  • We trust you to do you. / We work hard, but not at the expense of everything else in life. We’re each trusted to do what’s best for us, our team, and for MainStreet. We prioritize relentlessly and support each other’s boundaries so we can all do our best work sustainably.
  • We move as fast as our customers do. / We set "impossible" goals, test new ideas, and support our people to take smart risks. We deliver results quickly, inviting feedback, and continuously iterating to co-create the best version of everything we build.


Before MainStreet, they served as Chief of Staff for Google’s SMB and NBU Ads. They also founded Hipster (acquired by AOL in 2012) and Happy Home (acquired by Google in 2016).

Dan Lindquist

(Board Member)

Before MainStreet, they led product teams at Google and Intuit, focused on SMB and SaaS.

Diversity & Inclusion at MainStreet

  • Company culture requires commitment. We work every day to live up to what we value most. An emphasis on mental health and work-life balance is at the core of what we do.
  • Employee-Run Groups (ERGs) like Womxn@MainStreet, Black@MainStreet, LGBTQ@MainStreet

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