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Printify's mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build their own businesses, independently.



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Yerba Buena, San Francisco, CA


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Xav Kearney

CTO of Otta

E-commerce and creator-focused platforms like Patreon and Shopify are helping to fire up demand for custom products like t-shirts, mugs, and stickers, expanding the market for on-demand printing and shipping. The global market for customer t-shirt printing alone was valued at $3.64 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach over $7.5 billion by 2028. In a nutshell, on-demand printing is set to have a good decade.

Printify is one of the key players in this market. Founded in 2015, its product is a transparent print-on-demand and drop-shipping platform designed to help online merchants make more money in a simple and easy way. Connecting entrepreneurs with more than 90 print providers across the globe, its strategy is focused on simplicity of use for its clients.

Printify has seen some impressive growth in recent years - in 2020 it was ranked by the Financial Times as the 15th fastest-growing company in the USA - and this attracted big investor interest. Following major funding, it is focusing on global expansion and growth of its team in order to help it compete with big players like Spocket and Amplifier.

Total funding - $54.2m

Last 2 fundraises

May 2019



Dec 2021



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Company benefits

    🌍 benefits

  • Career development opportunities and access to mentorship, internal meetups, and hackathons both on-site and online
  • A learning budget for your professional development based on a position level and access to our book library
  • Health insurance or health insurance budget depending on your location and contract type
  • Paid health days whenever you need them without a doctor's note depending on a contract type
  • Extra paid days off for wellbeing as well as a celebration day of your choosing
  • Access to the in-house gym or gym allowance depending on your location and contract type
  • Stock options so you own a part of Printify
  • Opportunity to work fully remote within EMEA time zones
  • Work from anywhere - our Printify Houses in Riga or Tallinn, your remote home office, or a co-working hub
  • Start your workday anywhere between 7 AM and 11 AM. As long as the job is done and you’re happy and healthy, you can adapt your workflow
  • Apple MacBook laptop as your standard work equipment, covered by Printify
  • International relocation support for international candidates who wish to work in Riga or Tallinn
  • Online and on-site team events aligned with a work-from-anywhere culture for Printifyers to relax, get together and have fun!
  • 🌍 Company-wide benefits

  • Be part of a friendly, inclusive, and global team

Company values

  • The customer is our compass - Printify consciously places this core value above all the rest as its customers are its single most important asset. Printify values their input and their voice, and it makes sure it’s always heard. This core value means that Printify's customers show it where to go and what comes next as everything it does, it does it for them.
  • Printify strives for excellence - Printify's second core value is all about its work ethic and its effort to become the best it can be. It aims to achieve the impossible, has an impact, and brings about a meaningful change in its customers’ lives. Printify aspires to raise the bar and become better than everybody else but, more importantly, better than who it was yesterday.
  • Printify learns it all - It's third core value focuses on making room for growth. Printify prides itself on having a strong learning culture and a growth-oriented mindset to unite it – Printify is all students, teachers, and mentors at the same time. The things it doesn’t know yet, it learns and figures out as it goes – together. Staying humble, open, as well as honest with each other in it's feedback helps it grow bigger and better.
  • Printify plays to win, together - its fourth core value revolves around the Printify team spirit. It's not in this for a participation award or to simply have fun – it loves having fun, but it's here to win. Much like a sports team playing to win the season, the only way to get to the top is by creating a diverse group of individuals who can lift each other up with compassion and rise to the challenge.


James Berdigans

(Co-founder & CEO)

Previously Head of Sales at Vendora Nordic. Also founder of ID-INFINITE.

Artis Kehris


Previous Director of Sales & Revenue at ASKfm and co-founder and CEO of VideoAvatars.

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