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Company mission

OVO is a leading energy technology company determined to create a world with clean, affordable energy for everyone. Using energy, technology and people power, the company is on a mission to lower its carbon emissions to zero by 2035, helping customers reduce theirs at the same time - they call this Plan Zero.



HQ Location

Redcliffe, Bristol, UK


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42% female employees

0% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take on OVO

Theo Margolius headshot

Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

On average, home energy represents 26% of our carbon footprint. Ovo Energy wants to bring this to zero by providing cheaper, greener and simpler energy to customers. They are analysing meter data to deliver easy, personalised actions, turning electric vehicles into power stations with clever chargers, and building energy-efficient heaters. For households, their offering is organised into four different energy plans. that include interest rewards on energy credit balance.

They have branches in multiple European countries - establishing a strong presence in the energy sector. Earlier this year, Ovo completed the acquisition of SSE Energy Services' retail arm for £500 million, meaning that the challenger brand now has around 5 million customers in the UK.

While helping Ovo members halve their carbon footprints, the company is also working towards becoming a net zero carbon business by 2035. The challenges ahead for the company include encouraging consumer behaviour change, shifting towards subscription models for home energy use, and the potential for electric, zero carbon flights.

Total funding - $287.9m

Last fundraise

Feb 2019



Company benefits

  • Annual Discretionary Bonus
  • 9% Flex Pay - extra on top of your core pay to use as you like. You can take it as cash, use as your pension contribution, or choose to spend it on a huge range of flex benefits (tech schemes, EV leasing and more!).
  • Flexible / Remote Working
  • Personal Development Allowances and Free Access to OVOLearn - our very own training platform
  • 34 Days Holiday (including bank holidays)
  • Health Insurance
  • £300 OVO Energy Discount

Company values

  • Find a better way - We always look for a better way, whether that’s by delivering a better service, employing brilliant people or improving our products and processes
  • Do what's right - Being open, honest and fair is one of the values which applies to everything we do. We take pride in talking to our customers and delivering exceptional work
  • Build something great - Simple solutions aren’t quick or easy to find. They take time and tenacity. Our people work to find an answer that helps us ‘build something great’


Founder of multiple electric technology companies.

Raman Bhatia

(Chief Executive Officer)

CEO of OVO, the UK’s 3rd largest energy supplier. Joined in January 2020 as COO, leading the integration of SSE and the migration of millions of customers onto the Kaluza platform.

Diversity & Inclusion at OVO

Alessandro Storer headshot

Alessandro Storer (Head of Inclusion & Belonging )

  • We run inclusive training and unconscious bias workshops for employees and interviewers
  • We provide mental health support, through different networks, having mental health first aiders within the business and running initiatives like our "wellbeing Wednesdays" to promote this.
  • We have dedicated Early Years programmes with a focus on underrepresented groups, offering different training opportunities within the business.
  • We invest in tools, like Textio, and focused I&D job boards to help us reduce bias in our job postings and recruitment activity.
  • Commitment in improving diversity across our Tech Teams and working with companies to improve the tech ecosystem as a whole, specifically have committed to 25% Women in Tech at OVO by 2025
  • We've signed up to numerous charters, like the Tech Talent Charter, Race at Work Charter and Trans in the City, to show our continuing commitment to improving I&D within OVO and the wider community
  • Within OVO we have multiple belonging networks and communities set up, to offer support and forums for everybody
  • Read more about our commitments to improving Diversity & Inclusion at OVO in our linked belonging report

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