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Compensation benchmarking insights

21-100 employees
  • B2B
  • Recruitment
  • HR
  • Big data
  • Market research
  • SaaS
Unit 2, Centric Close, Oval Road, NW1 7EP

Company mission

To empower companies to build better teams and ensure they are paid fairly, no matter who they are: when compensation is done right, everyone wins.


Top investors

24% female employees

357% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

The war for talent is raging, creating a fertile market for existing recruitment tech companies, and a birthing ground for new ones. Ravio is one of the latter, and recently launched its compensation benchmarking platform aimed to help companies keep their offer attractive relative to competitors, filtered according to aspects like location, industry, business growth rate, and funding.

There’s far more to keep track of now, too - with the great resignation, and a persisting shortfall of tech talent, both the employment markets and compensation expectations are changing fast. Scaleups are bearing the brunt of managing these rapid fluctuations - so appetite for products such as Ravio is likely to be high.

Ravio also allows companies to dig through more granular compensation inequalities related to, for example, an applicant’s background or race. It claims to offer the most detailed diversity insights - and if this is the case, it could help slingshot Ravio to the top of the recruitment tech pile. DEI initiatives are becoming more of a business imperative now, and being able to prove evidence-based practices from the ground up would be a boon for some.


  • Flexible hours - So your work can work around your commitments.
  • Company ownership - Everyone gets a meaningful equity stake in Ravio!

Company values

  • Nothing at Ravio is someone else's problem
  • It’s always day one
  • Respect
  • The bar doesn’t raise itself

Funding (1 round)

Apr 2022




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Roy Blanga


Served as international VP of Groupon after the company acquired the startup Citydeal which they founded in 2010. After a subsequent period serving as COO of Deliveroo, they have taken up membership on several company boards, including for OSOME, Zava, and Residently.

Originally an investment analyst, who then worked as international operations manager at HotelTonight, before subsequently serving as a managing director with Deliveroo.

Following a Cambridge MPhil in engineering, they went on to co-found Genie Delivery (acquired by Dija), CalatystAI, and a charitable foundation that raised over £3M for healthcare workers.

Diversity & Inclusion at Ravio

  • At Ravio we help some of the world’s most innovative and ambitious companies build stronger teams and reach their goals through better compensation. We’re passionate about ensuring everyone is paid what they deserve, no matter their background or circumstances.
  • Our team is built on trust, intellectual honesty and focus. We care about building and shipping great product, delivering results for our customers, and having fun while doing it.