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Ribbon Health

API data platform for healthcare

21-100 employees
  • Healthcare
  • B2B
  • Analytics
  • SaaS
  • API
New York, 10013, US

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Nice people


Growing fast

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What makes Ribbon Health a great place to work?


Employee in the Software Engineering team

Oct 2022

Nice people

The people at Ribbon warm my heart on a regular basis. I've never worked at any company, or been a part of a group this large, where 100% of the people have been thoughtful and considerate. I thoroughly enjoy being in the presence of my teammates!

Growing fast

I've been at Ribbon for over two years and have watched both our customer base and company size grow on a regular basis. The pace we are working makes every day exciting!


Ribbon offers a generous home office stipend, with an annual refresh, lunches on a daily basis in the office, and many other perks. We have team and company-wide events on a consistent basis that alternate between in-person and remote to make sure everyone is included.