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Third Wave Automation

Forklift automation systems

21-100 employees
  • B2B
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise
  • Logistics
  • Freight
  • Deep Tech
  • Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • SaaS
  • Automation
  • Cloud Computing
30118 Eigenbrodt Way, Union City, CA 94587

Company mission

To maximize human potential with powerful autonomous technology.

Top investors

80% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

The global use of material handling equipment is growing rapidly due to growth in eCommerce markets, and this requires a huge increase in recruitment. To reduce the costs of this, businesses are turning to solutions that offer automated material handling equipment, as opposed to hiring more staff.

Third Wave Automation produces 'shared autonomy' forklifts that are controlled in mass fleets by a remote operator. Whilst its core aim is to optimize workflows in warehouses and reduce employment costs, the company also believes that its AI-forklifts will reduce forklift-related workplace injuries in the US.

Third Wave Automation claims that competitors automate only a fraction of the functionality of a forklift, unable to complete tasks such as reaching high places. The company has integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning to their forklifts, aiming to eventually remove the human remote-controller all together, and has secured impressive funds that will enable it to accelerate innovation, expand its pilot program, and strive towards new solutions for automating other classes of forklifts.


  • Comprehensive benefits - Health, Dental, Vision, and a 401k matching program, to boot!
  • Flexible working schedule - Be productive when you work best.
  • Show & Tell - We love to learn from one another, and see the cool stuff everyone is working on!
  • Meals are covered - Lunch is provided every day, and dinner for those evenings that run long.
  • Stacks of snacks - Donuts are a main food group, and the snack shelf is always stocked with a wide variety of items.
  • Great teammates - One of the best parts of working here!

Company values

  • SAFETY - We put safety first in everything we do. Our safety-first ethos is reflected in our products which are designed to automate work’s most dangerous tasks.
  • CONTINUOUS LEARNING - We’re committed to the continuous learning. We are always improving of our processes and products.
  • EMPOWERMENT - We empower our employees to be innovative problem solvers with ownership of their work and outcomes. And we empower our customers to work safer, more efficiently, and more effectively.
  • PRODUCTIVITY & EFFICIENCY - We’re here to roll up our sleeves and work, as efficiently as possible. We’re innovative, hard working, and results oriented. We provide our customers with tools that support these same values in their own work environments.
  • VISIBILITY - We are committed to designing products that give you workflow insights that help facilitate adoption and create opportunities for improvement.
  • QUALITY & RELIABILITY - You can count on us to deliver high-quality, reliable products that work.

Funding (2 rounds)

Aug 2021



Jun 2020




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They spent 10 years in research roles at Sun Microsystems before 6 years at Google as a Roboticist. They left their Director of Engineering role at Toyota in 2018 to co-found Third Wave Automation that May.