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Scalable graph analytics platform

101-200 employees
  • B2B
  • Enterprise
  • Big data
  • SaaS
  • Data Analysis
3 Twin Dolphin Drive, Ste 225 Redwood City, CA 94605

Company mission

To uncover meaningful, actionable, real-time insights from data.

Top investors

Few candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

-55% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take

Theo Margolius headshot

Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

TigerGraph specialises in graph databases - which are powerful databases that can connect multiple data points at once. Purpose built to manage large amounts of highly connected data, flexible and easily scalable, this technology is becoming increasingly preferred over traditional relational databases.

Its substantial funding has enabled TigerGraph to expand, now with support for Google Cloud Platform workloads, putting TigerGraph in the unique position of being the only distributed graph database to be made available as SaaS on all major cloud platforms. In addition, connectors for Snowflake and Salesforce Tableau further enhance the integration options for TigerGraph. GraphStudio, a graphical user interface for TigerGraph DB brings together all aspects of the graph database analysis in one application created specifically for ease of use.

TigerGraph is currently the fastest graph database in the world, ahead of competitors such as Neo4j, ArangoDB and Redis, a position the business will no doubt be eager to maintain as it is a key differentiator.


  • Fun environment with team outings and a recreation lounge, including ping-pong and foosball
  • Catered lunches and a well-stocked kitchen
  • Putting money in your bank with competitive pay and attractive equity
  • The best health, dental and vision insurance to keep you healthy
  • Take time off when you want and recharge your batteries

Company values

  • See it from the customer's POV
  • Work as a team; support one another
  • Be resourceful, have fun
  • The buck stops with yu/you
  • Focus on craftsmanship
  • Earn your stripes
  • Be curious, ask questions

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Yu Xu


Dr. Xu received their Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California San Diego. Prior to founding TigerGraph, Dr. Xu worked on Twitter’s data infrastructure for massive data analytics. Before that, they worked as Teradata’s Hadoop architect where they led the company’s big data initiatives.

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