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Metaverse as a Service

101-200 employees
  • B2B
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise
  • Social Media
  • Virtual Reality
603 Greenwich St, Brooklyn, New York, 11215, United States

Company mission

To improve people’s lives through the power of extraordinary digital experiences.

3% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take

Theo Margolius headshot

Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

In recent years, the traditional business event industry was upended as international travel bans and increased local restrictions forced meet-ups online. Betting on this trend, Touchcast has developed a video streaming service that specializes in providing access and tools for virtual events, focussing on augmented reality through virtual spaces and user interaction.

Touchcast faces competitive challenges on all sides, especially from the likes of Hopin, a fast growing unicorn, launched in 2020. However, Touchcast is innovating by focussing on virtual spaces and mixed reality over simple digital communication.

Touchcast is aiming to disrupt the trillion-dollar business events industry. It's betting on the virtual events industry continuing to grow, as businesses increasingly recognize the environmental impact of international travel for corporate events.


  • Home Office Credit Stipend
  • Remote-first company
  • Flexible PTO
  • Company-Wide Shutdown
  • Visibility to the Top
  • Competitive Benefits Package
  • Work with Fun and Talented Touchcasters
  • Ample Opportunity for Career Growth and Development
  • Asynchronous, yet Collaborative Work Environment

Company values

  • Be Human - Our moral compass is our guiding light. Empathy & compassion drives us. We stand for what is right with a mission to do good, be generous & act in service for our clients, each other, and the world
  • Be Curious - We are in a constant state of child-like wonder and vulnerability. We learn and explore new things to push our limits to turn the impossible to possible
  • Be Bold - We move with great speed, force and enthusiasm to achieve greatness in our work and purpose. It is better to move fast and make mistakes than move slow and miss opportunities
  • Make Magic - We are pioneers of our craft and push for boundless creativity. We go beyond what works to discover what appeals & delights
  • Many Faces, One Team - You will find Touchcasters from all over the globe. We work hand-in-hand through cultural, time, and sovereign barriers and yet we esteem and trust each other every day to achieve asynchronous harmony

Funding (1 round)

Feb 2021




Total funding


Founded Relegence, an early internet company which was eventually acquired by AOL, in 1999. Was made VP Emerging Platforms at AOL. Co-founded a number of tech startups, and then founded Kinsa, a smart thermometer company, in 2011. Is CEO of innovation platform bMuse. Founded TouchCast in 2012.

Studied History at the University of Michigan, and then received a Doctorate of Law from Boston University School of Law. Was SVP and General Counsel at Fundtech from 1998 to 2003. Worked as Principal and Partner at KH Partners, before co-founding bMuse in 2008. Co-founded TouchCast in 2012.