Build the virtual worlds revolutionising the real one

Deep Tech
Virtual Reality

Company mission

Work on ground-breaking multiplayer titles, push the boundaries of games technology and virtual worlds, or get to grips with some of the world’s toughest security challenges. If your ambitions are high, we’ll give you the tools, support and culture to take them even higher.



HQ Location

Spitalfields, London, UK


Some candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

19% female employees

60% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take on Improbable

Theo Margolius headshot

Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

Improbable originally started out to make games, but then realised the underlying technology they were building could be used for more than just gaming. Over the last few years, they have been working on a very ambitious plan to create totally immersive, persistent virtual worlds, and in doing so, change how we make decisions.

They have raised funding from some of the most deep-pocketed investors in the world, giving them the resources to grow a large and talented team.

Their big ambition to create virtual worlds has come under pressure recently, as they haven't been able to commercialise any of their products on a large scale. They're now re-focusing on areas where they know they can be successful, namely gaming.

Total funding - $864m

Last 2 fundraises

Apr 2022



Oct 2022



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Company benefits

    🌍 Company-wide benefits

  • High-end setup with laptop / whatever else needed for work
  • Socials and annual company-wide and family events
  • Unlimited paid time off policy
  • Work from home opportunities
  • Health insurance
  • 🇬🇧 UK benefits

  • Parental leave: 26 weeks for primary caregivers, 4 weeks for secondary
  • Salary sacrifice pension of 5% by employee and 3% by Improbable of qualifying earnings
  • Wellness classes, including Meditation, Yoga, Financial and Mental Wellbeing sessions
  • We're dog-friendly! Improbable employees can bring their canine friends to work when the office is open
  • Flexible spending account (BenCard). Currently while we are all at home, we are passing on the savings of having a closed office to employees to help them out. Currently it is topped up by £150 per month and there are no restrictions on spend. This offers other non-monetary benefits & discounts. Note that the ££/month amount will be revised when we return to the office

Company values

  • Relentless humility - We don't rely on personal status, reward, elevation and success, especially where we have the authority to make decisions. We always assume good intent, give the benefit of the doubt and always do what's most important for the cause. We are prepared to give up our role for someone we believe is better than us - we become irreplaceable by replacing ourselves. We're active listeners, vocal about mistakes, stay grounded and believe that we can fail
  • We are never satisfied with ourselves and convinced it's okay not to know, but it's not okay not to learn. We're proactive and pragmatic but balance that with resilience and having the courage to dig deeply through problems. We solicit feedback, are curious and constantly seek to learn and understand perspectives. We're building and contributing to a culture of "what's it going to take"
  • Aim for the impossible - We must aim for the impossible in order to find out what is possible. We do not artificially restrict ourselves and do what others are afraid to do; without asking if we can do it, but how we will do it. We are driven to achieve extraordinary things and expect to get there
  • Action over fear - We learn by doing and delivering real-world results. We avoid unnecessary debate and balance building consensus and driving decisions with trying new things and focussing on delivery. We are not paralysed by the fear of making or reversing decisions


Studied Computer Science at Cambridge University

Started his career as a developer for Goldman Sachs. Studied Computer Science at Imperial College

Studied Computer Science at Cambridge University

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