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Company mission

To make building, deploying and managing robots more flexible, affordable and easy to use so that builders can do more with robots while getting them to market faster.



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Upper West Side, New York, NY


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42% employee growth in 12 months

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Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Robotics has the potential to impact almost every industry from manufacturing to healthcare, but accessing and applying such technology to projects is not easy. Complicated hardware and software integrations, lengthy development cycles, and distrust towards robotics present obstacles to such innovation, and hiring a robotic engineer to tackle all of this is expensive.

Viam provides a low-code platform for robotics projects, allowing engineers to configure and control robots intuitively and quickly through a standardized set of robotic development building blocks. By removing the complications of bespoke code and providing an intuitive development platform, the company aims to increase accessibility to robotics, decrease the costs of robotics projects, and catalyze the development of the industry.

Whilst many startups are currently tackling challenges within robotics such as full automation, AI, and generalized functionalities, Viam recognizes that most engineers are unable to contribute their innovations despite such developments being made. By providing standardized development building blocks, the company bridges the gap between engineers, software developers, and the future of robotics.

Total funding - $42m

Last 2 fundraises

Jun 2021



Feb 2022



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Company benefits

  • 100% covered medical/dental/vision insurance plans
  • Commuter benefits
  • Equity packages
  • 25 days paid vacation and generous holiday observances
  • One Medical Membership
  • Fertility health benefits
  • Reproductive Health Benefits including Fertility Benefits and Abortion Access Travel Benefits
  • Class Pass & Citi Bike memberships
  • Free lunch everyday that you’re in the office
  • 20 weeks paid parental leave

Company values

  • Vision Driven - We believe humans will use robots to make the world a better place. We enable software and hardware engineers to work together to build successful robotics solutions. We build trust with our users and succeed only when they succeed
  • Collaborate Openly - We accomplish the greatest results when we are working together. We provide open feedback, timely, and with good intent. We value healthy and respectful discourse that furthers our mission. We have respect for and confidence in one another. We are transparent with ourselves and our users in what we do, and how we are doing it
  • Act Decisively - We value moving forward over perfection. We iterate quickly towards our long term goals. We fail fast and learn from our mistakes. We take initiative to address problems when we see them. We enable our users to build fast and make their dreams a reality
  • Succeed Through Diversity - We value diversity of thought in our decision-making processes. We believe the strongest teams are composed of people from diverse backgrounds. We design hardware, language, and industry agnostic tools for a diverse set of users. We anticipate diversity in the numerous ways humans will interact with robotics. We create a respectful and inclusive environment where we empower each other to be their authentic selves
  • Hold Ourselves Accountable -We take initiative to bring positive results. We have confidence in our abilities, but are humble in our approach. We own our work and take responsibility for our actions. We lead by example, and do as we say. We build a platform that our users can rely on
  • Lead With Curiosity - We improve ourselves and our products through continuous exploration. We value learning over being right. We, and our robots, like to play!


Experience as CTO and co-founder of ShopWiki from 2005 to 2010. CTO and founder of MongoDB, Inc. from 2007 to 2020.

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