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Continuous compliance solution for medtech

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21-33 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EJ, UK

Company mission

To hasten the transition to accessible, affordable healthcare for everyone on the planet.


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Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Software is rapidly taking centre stage in the development of new medical technology and health solutions. With new frontiers, however, there are always regulatory issues: limitations that once served the sector become overly restrictive. This is something healthtech compliance company Scarlet is looking to solve.

The company is developing technology to help regulators work closely with companies to ensure continuously released software is compliant. If it gets off the ground, this could prove crucial: healthtech startups often fail for fall short of regulatory requirements. A system allowing continuous and streamlined compliance assessment could therefore solve one of the issues hobbling the pace of development in the healthtech sector.

Funding (2 rounds)

Aug 2022



Jan 2021




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James Dewar


Previously a Data Scientist at Smarkets and Senior Data Scientist at Babylon Health. Worked extensively on software medical devices.

Jamie Cox


Originally studied medicine before becoming a software engineer. Previously was a Software Engineer at Babylon Health.

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