Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Astranis


+ Equity

Senior level
San Francisco Bay Area

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Next generation satellite broadband service

Open for applications


Next generation satellite broadband service

201-500 employees

B2CInternal toolsSocial ImpactAerospace

Open for applications


+ Equity

Senior level
San Francisco Bay Area

More information about location

201-500 employees

B2CInternal toolsSocial ImpactAerospace

Company mission

To give the 4 billion people without access to internet the ability to get online.


Who you are

  • 5-8+ years of experience developing software for products in modern C++ and Python
  • Familiarity with Software Development Methodologies and Design Patterns
  • Experience with working on Communication Protocols (TCP/IP, I2C, SPI)
  • Good Communication and Written Skills
  • Passionate about Space Technology
  • Experience with Building High Availability/High Reliability systems


  • Experience with embedded Linux / POSIX systems
  • Experience developing on and for VxWorks, Linux, FreeRTOS, or QNX Environments
  • Demonstrated experience building, testing, and shipping production software
  • Experience with safety critical development (FDA, FAA, Automotive)
  • Experience Board Bringup, debugging / Integration of Hardware Software

What the job involves

  • As a Senior Embedded Software Engineer on the Network Software team at Astranis, you will be responsible for assisting with architecture, high level design choices, development, execution, and implementation of the flight software that commands and monitors the spacecraft
  • Additionally, you will mentor junior members and collaborate with other teams to ensure that the software you've implemented works on their hardware
  • This role will contribute to both commercial and US Government programs
  • Develop Software for the Flight Computer / Earth Stations Hub for our Satellites
  • Develop Firmware for control boards on the satellite/ Earth Stations Hub
  • Improve and deliver reliable software through requirements generation, Design continuous integration, automated testing and code reviews
  • Collaborate with multiple teams (Payload, Communications Ground Control, Telemetry)
  • Develop software in C++ and Python to interface with Flight computer and interface with the custom hardware on the vehicle
  • Deliver complex projects through incremental development
  • Mentor junior engineers

Otta's take

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Internet access is swiftly becoming a core feature of modern life across the world - as of 2021, nearly 60% of the global population were active internet users, and the number is only set to climb. Looking to facilitate and benefit from this are Astranis, who have developed advanced small-form factor satellite technology (similar to SpaceX) to improve satellite internet access across the world.

This has proven an astronomically successful proposition with an overwhelming demand from global customers, including a partnership to triple data speeds across the state of Alaska. This is no surprise, as provision of basic internet capabilities is in the interests of industry, governments, and the population at large.

With a valuation of $1.6 billion, the company's April 2023 injection of capital is set to ensure the company meets its production demands. Its satellite method is already groundbreaking and the company's first one launched in 2023. Two more launches are scheduled for 2024.


Top investors

Few candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

4% employee growth in 12 months


Funding (last 2 of 5 rounds)

Apr 2023



Apr 2021



Total funding: $403.7m

Company benefits

  • An equity stake in the company
  • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Healthy, delicious, free lunch catered in every day
  • Complementary OneMedical membership
  • Great office chairs, stand-up desks, and a machine shop
  • Reimbursement to spend on commuting from outside SF
  • Generous, fully-paid ‍parental leave

Company values

  • Master your craft - We take pride in our work and go the extra mile
  • Step up - We are unapologetically ambitious and take on great responsibility
  • Stay curious - We seek out new knowledge and are happy to teach others what we know
  • Assume good - We assume the best of intentions and communicate with kindness and candor
  • Take the time - We level up not just at work but beyond — mind, body, spirit, family, community
  • Space is hard - We are resilient in the face of adversity and get help when needed

Company HQ

Central Waterfront, San Francisco, CA


John co-founded the Roosevelt Institute think tank in 2004 before working as Director of Flight Operations at X Prize Foundation for 2 years. He co-founded Commercial Spaceflight Federation in 2007, before co-founding Astranis in 2015, serving as CEO.

Salary benchmarks

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