Software Infrastructure Engineer, Dexterity

Salary not provided
Junior, Mid and Senior level
San Francisco Bay Area

Office located in Redwood City, CA


Robotics for logistics, warehouses, and supply chain

Open for applications


Robotics for logistics, warehouses, and supply chain

201-500 employees

B2BArtificial IntelligenceEnterpriseLogisticsManufacturingRoboticsSupply ChainSaaS

Open for applications

Salary not provided
Junior, Mid and Senior level
San Francisco Bay Area

Office located in Redwood City, CA

201-500 employees

B2BArtificial IntelligenceEnterpriseLogisticsManufacturingRoboticsSupply ChainSaaS

Company mission

Dexterity's mission is to help people thrive and grow by freeing them to do work that humans do best, by transforming the world to make work more purposeful.


Who you are

  • Experience in DevOps, site reliability, release management and/or systems engineering
  • Experience with either AWS or Google Cloud or other highly scalable cloud environments
  • Experience with system automation tools (i.e Ansible or Teraform etc)
  • Knowledge of containerization technologies such as: Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, DC/OS etc is a must
  • Strong scripting skills in Python, etc
  • Demonstrated experience using continuous Integration to deliver complex software projects
  • Distributed system experience with an ability to read our source code or third-party systems, modify them and help improve performance and reliability
  • Experience with RDBMS DB’s
  • Strong systematic analysis and problem-solving skills
  • Intuitive collaboration and communication skills
  • Start-up DNA


  • Distributed system performance debugging experience and familiarity with tools such as perf, ftrace, Zipkin, etc. would be a big plus
  • Experience with queuing/data-pipelining solutions (Storm, Redis, RabbitMQ, Amazon Kinesis, ZeroMQ, Kafka, etc.)
  • Solid coding skills preferably in Python and/or C++
  • Knowledge and understanding of computer networking would be a big plus

What the job involves

  • We are hiring DevOps Engineers to work closely with our software engineering teams to deploy, manage and monitor highly scalable and available software systems and infrastructure
  • Support and maintain our budding data center infrastructure on-prem and in the cloud to ensure high availability and scalability
  • Deploy and maintain homegrown and third-party open source software on our infrastructure
  • Work throughout the technology stack to design, build, and monitor solutions and systems that improve operational efficiency and system reliability and enable scalability
  • Troubleshoot and fix bugs in our offboard software and/or report them to our software engineering teams
  • Guiding systems architecture (build out and improvements), tool development and resource planning
  • Ensure proper integration between software applications and infrastructure architecture
  • Guide systems architecture (build-out and improvements) by participating in design reviews and offering suggestions for reliability and optimization of production systems

Otta's take

Theo Margolius headshot

Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

Dexterity emerged from stealth at an opportune, albeit tough, time in 2020, just as an accelerating labour crunch drove major demand for automated solutions in factories and warehouses. The company managed a major fundraise and immediately moved on to bigger and better things: expanding into the Japanese market, partnering with supply chain automation leader Dematic and achieving unicorn status with a greater than $1 billion valuation.

Unlike other companies which are fixated on developing increasingly sophisticated, more human-like robots, Dexterity’s takes a comparatively simple hardware approach. Its machines take care of highly repetitive tasks, while its SaaS platform shares everything it learns with each robot, amplifying intelligence across the fleet. Rather than seeking to replace human workforces it aims to augment them, freeing skilled workers for more complex tasks.

Considering that the worldwide labour shortage is heavily impacting the industrial sector, Dexterity is in a promising position to continue its upward trajectory over the next few years.. Indeed its recent partnerships with Sumitomo to supply 1,500 Dexterity robots in their warehouses and with FedEx for autonomous trailer loading are encouraging signs of things to come for the company.


Top investors

Few candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

1% employee growth in 12 months


Funding (2 rounds)

Oct 2021



Jul 2020



Total funding: $196.2m

Company benefits

  • Flexible and generous vacation and holidays
  • Comprehensive healthcare benefits for you and your family
  • Retirement plan (subject to country of employment)
  • Wellbeing and fitness offerings
  • Insurance programs
  • Discounts and perks
  • Meals and snacks at our sites

Company HQ

Redwood City, CA


Former Software Design Engineer at Microsoft India R&D, former Research Assistant at Simon Fraser University. Before founding Dexterity they spent 10 years at Stanford University, gaining a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) & Master of Science (M.S.), Computer Science.

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