Product Manager, Scaleway

Network Edge

Salary not provided
Mid and Senior level

Complete cloud ecosystem

Open for applications


Complete cloud ecosystem

501-1000 employees

B2BAPICloud Computing

Open for applications

Salary not provided
Mid and Senior level

501-1000 employees

B2BAPICloud Computing

Company mission

To power our fast-growing global digital infrastructure in a smart, responsible and renewable way.


Who you are

  • Experience as a product manager (3-5 years), including product strategy and discovery
  • Experience with computer network concepts and how cloud services are exposed to the Internet
  • Demonstrated ability to work with engineering teams (DevOps, SRE, hardware) on a daily basis
  • Excellent command of English and French


  • Good knowledge of data center server hardware and virtualization
  • Good knowledge of networks (DNS, IP, Routing)
  • Good knowledge of HTTP, reverse proxies, and load balancing
  • Good knowledge of the CDN market
  • Good knowledge of network security services WAF, Anti-DDoS, SSL/TLS
  • Notions of services’ capacity planning management
  • Knowledge of the cloud market and our competitors’ offerings
  • Understanding of software development, especially API/backend

What the job involves

  • Scaleway is looking for a Product Manager to handle our new suite of network edge products (LB, AntiDDoS, WAF), that allow our users to easily, securely and reliably expose their HTTP services to the public (the internet) via a single entry point
  • Reporting to the Lead Product Manager of IaaS, you will be responsible for the launch and development of our family of products
  • This includes defining the vision and roadmap (features as well as new services), building business plans (defining hardware and pricing strategy) and following up with delivery and support
  • Collaborating with the Engineering Manager and your fellow PMs, your mission will be to bring value to Scaleway's clients with your products
  • You will be their primary point of contact. Not only within your team at Scaleway but also externally for any product-related concern
  • Be the heart and soul of network edge products to animate your product squad
  • Own and communicate the vision, mission, and strategy for Scaleway’s network edge products
  • Create tight and meaningful relationships with different stakeholders (engineering, sales, marketing, support, and customers) to understand requirements and strategic goals in order to build an impactful vision, strategy, and roadmap
  • Lead product research and discovery to understand competition, and users' needs and propose differentiating products and services
  • Write product requirements and business plans
  • Prioritize product developments in coordination with the product engineering team
  • Partner with our Engineering and Operations departments to deliver quality products on schedule
  • Follow up on hardware deployments to ensure the timely availability of new hardware products for Software Product teams
  • Monitor stock usage, plan supply, and follow up on deployments accordingly
  • Coordinate work across members of your product squad to ensure timely delivery and the release of impactful products and features

Application process

  • Screening call (30 mins) with Diane PAUL - Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Manager Interview (60 mins) with Victor RAMIRO - Lead Product Manager of IaaS Products
  • Case of study: home assignment or live discussion about Product Management practices (60 mins) with other Product Managers
  • Team Interview: Engineering Manager (45 minutes)
  • HR Interview (45 mins) with Diane PAUL- Talent Acquisition Manager

Otta's take

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Cloud computing is fast increasing in popularity and use, and many companies are turning to the cloud in order to better their functions. Scaleway enables developers and businesses to build, deploy and scale their applications for the cloud, with a focus on providing a range of options so that clients can access exactly what they need.

Scaleway, which labels itself “the cloud of choice”, delivers fully managed offerings for bare metal, containerization, and serverless architectures. It is attractive especially to startups, as it offers more flexibility than alternate cloud providers, and it boasts a smooth developer experience, carbon-neutral data centers, and native tools for managing multi-cloud architectures.

Scaleway is used by over 25,000 businesses including and Aternos. Aligning with its focus on bringing the cloud to startups, the company has launched a “Startup Program” where participators can earn cloud credits as well as gaining access to technical expertise and masterclasses. Scaleway has also partnered with Clever Cloud, in order to deliver an efficient alternative to for the automation of app deployment, enriching the product catalogues of both companies.


Led by a woman

Most candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

19% employee growth in 12 months


Company benefits

  • Yummy: Whether you're working at La Maison or in a Datacenter, you get fresh breakfasts and snacks everyday to provide the fuel you need to innovate.
  • Events, Hackathons, & Tech talks: We do believe that peer-to-peer sharing is essential, so we provide media-training courses, event planning support and conference tickets. No more excuses!
  • Company outings: Work hard, play hard! We have an in-house bar with a large choice of beverages and games. Plus, we organize memorable & engaging (virtual or not) team events at least twice a month.
  • MacBook Pro or ThinkPad laptop: Choose your laptop, MacBook Pro or ThinkPad 15" on your first day to get your job done.
  • Flexrything & Remote: We choose to work in a flex office environment to grow new collaborative ideas and practices. We work in small product oriented teams to focus & execute faster. We don't track working hours, what matters is what you get done.
  • No diplomas required: At Scaleway, we don't care about your degrees, we only care about what you know. Your skillset will be evaluated in regard to your technical experiences and skills.

Company values

  • Singularity: Seek singularity. We look out for people who stand out, no matter their professional or personal background.
  • Community: When we agree to disagree, we do so with passion and respect, but we’re always rowing in the same direction toward the same goal.
  • Adventure: Scaleway is a challenge nobody’s ready for but we go for it anyway. Move, reinvent. The only constant is change. We never stop at the status quo.
  • Leadership: Leadership is about action, not just a position. As effective leaders, we have major impacts on not only the team members we manage, but also on the company as a whole
  • Excellence: We want to be customer’s first choice. We never stop iterating and looking for that 1% improvement, every day.
  • Rock-Solid: Everything is connected. We take actions as a team, never in silos. We give credit where credit is due and we can always count on each other.

Company HQ

Madeleine, Paris, France


Albane Bruyas

(CCO and COO (Not Founder))

Previously Advisory Board Member at Alyx. Previously Operations Manager at Toshiba, Consultant at Harpagon and Purchaser at LVMH.

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