Product Manager, Gelato

Salary not provided
Senior level

3-5 days a week in office


Customized print products for global e-commerce sellers

Job no longer available


Customized print products for global e-commerce sellers

201-500 employees


Job no longer available

Salary not provided
Senior level

3-5 days a week in office

201-500 employees


Company mission

To empower global ecommerce and the creator economy to serve any customer overnight with any customized product.


Who you are

  • In order to be successful and enjoy being a Product Manager at Gelato, you will need first and foremost to have an entrepreneurial mentality. You are committed to excel with energy and endurance, as you understand that building a company is hard but satisfying work
  • You have a passion for building great products and technology, superior communication skills, high integrity, and great attention to detail
  • You’re a doer, who will adapt and change tactics until you find the winning approach. You feel comfortable getting your hands dirty in the problems of today, yet never losing sight of the long-term direction. You have stamina, resilience, and grit
  • Graduate degree with a strong academic performance from a top tier university
  • Demonstrated understanding of the techniques and methods of modern product discovery and product delivery
  • 5 years relevant work experience working on technology-powered products as either a product manager, product owner, delivery manager, product designer, engineer, data analyst, data scientist, or user researcher
  • Demonstrated ability to learn multiple functional areas of business – engineering, design, finance, sales, or marketing
  • Demonstrated ability to figure out solutions to hard problems with many constraints, using sound judgment to assess risks, and to lay out your argument in a well-structured, data-informed, written narrative
  • Proven ability to engage with engineers, designers, and company leaders in a constructive and collaborative relationship
  • Demonstrated ability to adopt new technologies and thrive in the new world of AI capabilities

What the job involves

  • Product Managers at Gelato drive our business forward with energy and pace. We solve problems rapidly, wielding data and intuition in equal measure, and finding innovative approaches to many of the complex challenges we encounter as we continue to scale our business
  • In this role you will work closely with our production partners and operations team to build products and tools to enable world class operational efficiency. It requires the ability to dive deep into production processes to understand how to solve hard problems through technology. Your product spans from desktop web and application to native mobile
  • You own the product vision, strategy and roadmap and define them together with your leader and key stakeholders. Your success is the success of the product. You’re accountable for devising and executing a winning plan
  • You ensure the product is world-class
  • You know the market, our customers, users, the product, and the competition. You are always on top of your product’s performance and its health metrics
  • You identify market opportunities and are constantly product testing in real-world conditions
  • You drive rapid, bold and ambitious product innovation with a technology and AI first approach that addresses real user needs. You are resourceful and seek access to existing knowledge and experience to move faster
  • You build a valuable product by contributing to the product team with a deep knowledge of our users and customers, and the data about how our customers engage with our products
  • You build a viable product by contributing to your product team with a solid knowledge of the various constraints of the business
  • You lead the team to discover effective solutions, and then work to deliver those solutions to market in close collaboration with the product designer and engineers
  • You drive alignment within your team, stakeholders, cross-functionally and with your leader. They all know what your team is doing, and what impact your team is having
  • You use data to support your decisions, and are able to share data-backed decisions on why certain features or priorities were chosen. You can connect your product roadmap to outcomes in order to build consensus and alignment
  • You focus the team on the key priorities and make them happen faster and bette

Application process

  • Lastly, we ask that you please upload your CV in English, regardless of which country you are applying from

Otta's take

Theo Margolius headshot

Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

Gelato’s printing software network allows creators to print and ship from hyperlocal locations. This in turn allows them to deliver products within less time, for less money, and with a much smaller carbon footprint.

Interestingly, Gelato is a printing platform with no printing hardware of its own. Rather, they partner with on-demand printing services all around the world, which their customers can access through the platform.

Though it may sound like quite a niche business model, the surge in e-commerce-driven creators means that the market is growing rapidly. Indeed the market for customised products is well on its way to reaching around $300 billion, and Gelato includes the likes of Wix and Canva among its customers.

The company has grown steadily since its 2007 launch, increasing its global footprint year after year. Future growth seems certain, as Gelato aims for further expansion in the US and Asia.


Top investors

Some candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

13% employee growth in 12 months


Funding (last 2 of 3 rounds)

Aug 2021



Jun 2018



Total funding: $269m

Company benefits

  • Generous Equity scheme for all employees
  • 25 days holiday + 2 festival days
  • Health Insurance
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Hybrid working policy
  • Screen reader support enabled

Company values

  • We think as a team first
  • We value speed over perfection
  • Change and agility
  • Our entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving
  • We learn from others to “grow the apple tree”
  • We own our development

Company HQ

Oslo, Norway


Before founding Gelato in 2007, served as CEO of telecom service provider Tele2.

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