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Senior level
Remote in UK

All-in-one stories platform

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All-in-one stories platform

21-100 employees

B2BMarketingSaaSSocial Media

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Senior level
Remote in UK

21-100 employees

B2BMarketingSaaSSocial Media

Company mission

To help clients implement a best‑in‑class Stories experience to their apps.


Who you are

  • At least 5 years of experience in Android development using Kotlin
  • Experience in using Dagger2 / DI frameworks in general
  • Experience with Compose and XML Views
  • Experience using ViewModels, Coroutines, Flows
  • Good knowledge of modern Android architectures (MVVM, MVI)
  • Experience using Git, Gradle, kts
  • Experience with Unit Testing / Testing frameworks in general
  • Good, practical knowledge of English in speech and writing
  • Open mind and willingness to learn
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills


  • Experience in iOS development
  • Experience in creating and maintaining SDK
  • Self-published apps in Google Play
  • A University Degree in Computer Science (or a related discipline)
  • Experience using Continuous Integration / Deployment
  • Experience using Good OO practices
  • Contributed to Open-Source projects
  • An active Github profile

What the job involves

  • Responsible for improving internal technical practise and processes, including identifying relevant, new technologies
  • Leading projects from conception to completion
  • Understanding business objectives and how to fulfil them
  • A standard-bearer and example for code quality in the company
  • Executing tasks proactively with no brief
  • Working with other team leads to ensure company-wide cohesion and efficiency
  • Working with non-technical team members to increase the overall technical output of the company
  • Providing technical guidance to less experienced developers
  • Liaising with project management colleagues when technical input is required
  • Learning, utilising and improving our DevOps processes and tools to enable rapid delivery
  • Eliminating technical debt
  • Fixing emergency software defects and sharing what was learned from the failure
  • Helping to define the technical architecture for products
  • Producing software reused by developers by contributing to our SDK
  • Eventually, we'd like you to:
  • Take full responsibility for the output of a development team
  • Be responsible for quality of team via reviewing/feedback, mentoring and recruiting
  • Define success and how it will be measured, creating plans and roadmaps as needed
  • Prioritise team members’ workload
  • Lead on client communication and delivery where required

Application process

  • First, you will be invited for a 30-minute pre-interview via MS Teams. We usually ask about your previous experience, future career path and motivation for changing your job
  • Secondly, we will invite you to a technical interview (60 minutes via MS Teams). During the meeting, Filip, our Head of Mobile, and Abdelraouf, our Senior Android Developer, will provide you with more details about our projects and working in our team whilst also finding out about your technical capabilities, plus answer all your questions
  • The next step is a technical task, followed by the final interview (30 minutes) with Dave, our CTO, Abdelraouf and Filip – it’s a mix of technical and culture-fit questions

Otta's take

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Storyteller offers an end-to-end service that allows clients to publish Stories to its app. According to Storyteller, clients can boost user engagement, retention, and revenue through its in-app Stories.

Storyteller allows clients to easily implement its solution within its apps through Storyteller's native iOS and Android SDKs, eliminating years of in‑house development. What's more, Storyteller's platform comes with various analytics and management tools, allowing clients to measure user engagement, conversion & loyalty as well as create, schedule & preview their Stories.

Storyteller also differentiates itself through its industry‑leading UX: it allows clients to bring a trending format to users, which includes various features such as swipe-up action, hold to pause and gesture navigation. Storyteller's main priority is to invest in creating new additional features that will deepen user engagement and increase app usage.


Strong hiring activity

Some candidates hear
back within 2 weeks


Company benefits

  • We’re a remote first company
  • Flexible hours
  • Comprehensive benefits
  • High end equipment
  • Company days out

Company values

  • We believe that happy people are productive people
  • We believe in a lightweight process with no time-tracking
  • We believe in autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • We believe in small teams of talented people that take ownership and responsibility for their projects
  • We believe we are a perfect place for talented people to grow, make their mark and work on things that mean something

Company HQ

Edinburgh, UK


Bob Thomson


Founder of Storyteller and parent company Storm Ideas - a dynamic digital agency, which specializes in providing products and services to the Entertainment Industry, particularly US TV networks.

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