Client Success Analyst, Qventus

Salary not provided
Senior level
Remote in Canada

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AI-powered healthcare operations

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AI-powered healthcare operations

101-200 employees

HealthcareB2BArtificial IntelligenceBig dataDeep TechMachine LearningSaaSData AnalysisAutomation

Open for applications

Salary not provided
Senior level
Remote in Canada

More information about location

101-200 employees

HealthcareB2BArtificial IntelligenceBig dataDeep TechMachine LearningSaaSData AnalysisAutomation

Company mission

To simplify how healthcare operates, so that it works for everyone.


Who you are

  • Up to 5 years of project/program management experience with a comprehensive understanding of the business requirements and consultative skills needed for enterprise-wide client success
  • Track record (work, internship or extra-curricular is acceptable) of high-performing deliverables that gain client/customer/end-user confidence and result in referenceability
  • Proficiency with pulling data reports, aggregating data and translating it for consumption by clients or end users
  • Ability to paraphrase a body of work into a meaningful and compelling story that highlights challenges, risks, success, failures and is marked by KPIs, benchmarking, or other metrics that signal objective success measures
  • Ability to prepare for and facilitate effective and efficient meetings
  • Ability to follow the data to identify issues, form conclusions, solve problems, and create possible solutions/recommendations
  • Ability to prioritize work with conflicting deadlines and prioritizations. Is able to self-regulate time management. Contributes to streamline work to increase efficiency
  • Ability to understand basic financial principles and understand tradeoffs at the intersection of project requirements, limited resources, and client satisfaction
  • Ability to synthesize insights succinctly and create a compelling narrative arc that makes the complex seem simple
  • Ability to travel up to 25-50% nationwide
  • You find pleasure in defining a method to the madness. People call on you to organize messy situations at work
  • An assertive, confident attitude and approach towards challenging situations. You run towards the challenge head-on instead of waiting for it to come to you
  • You’re comfortable with ambiguity and can make ‘gut’ decisions without all the information, course correcting and maintaining momentum with team members to keep going
  • You want to contribute at any level to drive a task to completion. There’s nothing ‘beneath’ you, as long as you’re helping out


  • 1+ years of professional experience working at a top healthcare consulting firm, digital health company, or health system (or similar relevant internship experience)
  • Experience writing SQL queries
  • Experience with software such as Snowflake or Looker
  • Experience with Epic/Cerner/Meditech EHR instances
  • Experience working with clinical and/or process consultants

What the job involves

  • We’re looking for a dynamic, innovative Client Success Analyst to be instrumental in assisting with enterprise-wide, multi-module client success for our Qventus Periop solution
  • As a Client Success Analyst, you will work closely with Client Success Partners to support projects throughout the client success lifecycle
  • This role involves complex project and task management, data analytics, consultative insights, and client interaction
  • You'll provide operational and strategic support from go-live through renewals, assisting in risk mitigation and resolution to exceed stakeholder expectations
  • This position is a gateway to growth, offering a chance to showcase your analytical skills and dedication to client success, focusing on strategic and operational tasks for effective product delivery and support
  • Support a Client Success Manager with meeting or exceeding contractual goals related to the Qventus Periop Solution and increase the number of referenceable executives
  • Support the CS team to improve KPI Metrics to provide actionable information that empowers clients to leverage outcomes data to drive system decision making
  • Support client adoption and buy in by encouraging client participation and preparing clients for speaking engagements such as webinars or conferences by creating presentation material inclusive of quantitative metrics
  • Support creation of compelling data stories that directly address client strategic goals
  • Support client referencability by developing and maintaining exceptional relationships with members across all levels of a client organization
  • Contribute to team efficiency with an eye for continuous improvement across work methodologies, deliverables, measurable KPIs and other outputs
  • Drive progress on open initiatives through attention to detail and basic project management
  • Coordinate cross-functional internal work and represent assigned accounts during work prioritization efforts
  • Help minimize project disruptions, prevent potential issues, and ensure project success by proactively managing risks. Conduct risk assessments, develop risk mitigation strategies, and monitor risks throughout the project lifecycle
  • Continuously assess Client Health via client interaction and feedback looks while working with CSM to mitigate risks and/or celebrate success that will foster an environment favorable to expansion, upsell and renewal conversations with clients
  • Support engagement leadership to deliver client engagements on time with high reliability while coordinating with 4 - 5 cross functional colleagues
  • Manage project resources, timelines, and budgets effectively helping deliver projects on time and within budget
  • Support engagement leadership in identifying necessary resources and allocating them effectively to meet the highest quality standards for our clients
  • Create high-quality executive level deliverables at an accelerated pace

Otta's take

Xav Kearney headshot

Xav Kearney

CTO of Otta

The pressure on US hospitals is increasing due to rising costs of care and pharmaceuticals, in addition to increasing expectancy of high-quality services at lower prices. Vast bodies of medical data sets can be used to help ease bottlenecks in these overworked systems, but processing this data into actionable insights is a laborious and time-consuming task.

Qventus improves the operational efficiency of hospitals and medical centers by using AI to interpret raw medical data into actionable data for staff. The data produced helps teams anticipate bottlenecks and resolve problems before they occur. Qventus claims this forward-thinking approach helps decrease the length of stay of patients, increase morning discharge rates, and overall improve cash flow margins.

Many healthcare SaaS startups have aims to use AI to interpret medical data, but Qventus’ approach to identifying bottlenecks within a health system is particularly beneficial. The software uses machine learning to drive its AI, meaning that with every problem identified and prevented, the system will become smarter. Funding raised by the company will be used to support the development of new solutions and innovations, as well as continue its expansion to additional hospitals and health systems.


Top investors

Few candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

6% employee growth in 12 months


Funding (last 2 of 6 rounds)

Aug 2022



Mar 2022



Total funding: $111m

Company benefits

  • Stock options
  • Comprehensive health benefits with 90% of the cost covered for employees
  • Paid parental leave for all new parents
  • Generous HSA contribution
  • Paid disability and life insurance
  • Participation in a 401(k)
  • Wellness + Tech stipends
  • Education and professional development reimbursement

Company values

  • Accountability & Ownership - Anything that affects our ability to help our customers is always “our business”
  • Customer Empathy - We invest time and resources to understand our customers and enable their success
  • Help Others Succeed - We share knowledge broadly, so that each of us can make the best possible decision
  • Plan, Do, Learn, Improve - We seek to continuously improve our company, our products, and ourselves
  • Simplicity - We always aspire to simplify things, and eliminate jargon
  • Total Honesty Delivered Respectfully - We practice radical honesty and do it with respect and grace

Company HQ

Mountain View, CA


After 2 years as a McKinsey Consultant and an MBA at Stanford, they co-founded Qventus in August 2012. They have served as CEO since then.

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