Demand Generation Manager, #Paid

Salary not provided
Mid and Senior level

Influencer marketing & collaboration platform

Job no longer available


Influencer marketing & collaboration platform

101-200 employees

B2BMarketplaceMarketingContentSaaSSocial Media

Job no longer available

Salary not provided
Mid and Senior level

101-200 employees

B2BMarketplaceMarketingContentSaaSSocial Media

Company mission

To power all brand collaborations across the creator economy, enabling creators to build careers they love.


Who you are

  • You’ve owned a revenue number somewhere in the funnel, like bookings, pipeline, opportunities, etc
  • You understand what budget you need in order to hit targetsYou understand how much pipeline you need, and when, to hit bookings targets
  • You can logically forecast the performance of your activities
  • You know how to keep track of your spend and report on the results
  • You don’t wait around for someone to tell you we need more pipeline
  • You understand how digital, creative, social, and offline events come together to make a company popular
  • You know what makes people take action
  • You can think of creative solutions to problems
  • You’re curious—you want to learn about different things, and what works
  • You’re a chronic learner
  • You see opportunities where other people don’t
  • You’re not tied down to the way you’ve done things before
  • You’ve worked with tools like Marketo, Pardot, or Hubspot
  • You can find the data you need in Salesforce
  • You can articulate what you’re thinking, and summarize results and information
  • Understand our business, target market, and target buyer to uncover unique opportunities
  • Support the development of demand generation initiatives
  • Determine the best paths to reach customers and develop lead generation initiatives
  • Articulate your plans, the why behind them, and follow-up with performance metrics

What the job involves

  • We’re hiring a Demand Generation Manager to help us get our brand and message in front of marketers at the world’s biggest consumer brands
  • We need someone to understand our target buyers, and create marketing programs that bring them to #paid and turns them into customers
  • Marketers at the world’s biggest consumer brands will be drawn to #paid’s website
  • Your marketing and demand generation programs will drive pipeline and bookings for the business
  • Customers will remember and mention programs they’ve enjoyed and engaged with on calls
  • Our marketing dollars will be spent on targeting the right people
  • We’ll have a tight tech stack where every tool’s function is understood, with no waste or redundancy
  • Our landing pages won’t just be annoying form capture spots—they’ll be places customers are delighted to engage with
  • Our customers won’t complain about being spammed with random emails and adsNew inbound and SDR contacts will be routed quickly and triaged by the right person
  • There’ll be no ambiguity regarding follow-up expectations
  • Your opinion is informed, thoughtful, and valued in marketing brainstorming sessions
  • The marketing team and broader company will listen when you speak, and trust your judgment

Otta's take

Xav Kearney headshot

Xav Kearney

CTO of Otta

The social media creator economy has continued to grow and flourish in recent years. However, influencers continue to battle the challenge of an ever-changing engagement algorithm. This has not made it easier for big brands, who have, since the early days of social media, struggled with harnessing the power of influencer marketing. #Paid was founded to provide a solution to both stakeholders.

#Paid is a creator marketing software platform built as a marketplace for businesses to harness the influencer marketing economy. It allows influencers access to a wide array of clientele, and provides its business customers with the ability to generate campaigns, shop creators, and reach their target audience without the expertise previously needed to execute these campaigns. The company’s precision matching has contributed significantly to its success in recent years.

Impressively, the company serves Nestle, UberEats, Volvo, and Canon, amongst other big names. With the continued rise of the content creation industry, #Paid’s unique positioning as both content and brand advocate should secure its growth along with it. Recently, the company was named an official TikTok Marketing Partner, offering yet more opportunity for it to expand the reach of its platform.


Few candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

0% employee growth in 12 months


Funding (last 2 of 5 rounds)

Aug 2021



May 2018



Total funding: $24.4m

Company benefits

  • Digital first
  • Spending account
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Internet/phone allowance
  • Health coverage
  • Education allowance
  • Summer Fridays
  • Team socials

Company values

  • Have a career defining moment: #paid is a company that thrives on data, testing, iteration, and making smart bets on big ideas. No matter your role in the company, if you have an idea that will have a 10x impact, you have the opportunity to make it happen
  • Be your most authentic self: We believe the best ideas come from a diverse group of people. We pride ourselves on an environment built on a foundation of respect, inclusiveness, and belonging. We celebrate and share in what makes us unique
  • People are the soul of our company: #paid is made up of a group of really bright, talented, and hard working humans. Every new member that joins #paid raises the bar. We believe that to achieve greatness, you have to work with great people. #paid prides itself on providing the freedom for talented people to come together, solve hard problems, and turn an industry on its head

Company HQ

Wellington Place, Toronto, ON


Has worked previously as a Launch Specialist at Apple and is an Alumnus of Next Founders.

Previously the Founder & President of Entourage Apps, which was acquired, as well as Owner & Founder of MyProm Inc.

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