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No-code marketing optimization platform

101-200 employees
  • B2B
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Marketing
  • SaaS
  • Advertising
  • No-Code
  • Web Design
San Francisco, CA 94110, US

Company mission

To convert companies' websites into their number one revenue stream.

Top investors

Few candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

40% female employees

38% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take

Theo Margolius headshot

Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

For many businesses, personalizing their messaging and media for multiple audiences can be very extremely difficult, meaning that most advertising spend is wasted. Mutiny solves this problem by giving marketers access to a suite of AI-powered personalization tools, allowing a company to serve thousands of different versions of its website, tailored to each individual visitor based on a user's demographics and market segment.

Mutiny is one among many companies operating in the highly competitive marketing optimization space, including several others that use AI tools such as Constructor and Intellimize. However it is unique in that it provides a self-service function whereas other AI tools offer a slower and less flexible managed service. This has allowed Mutiny to carve out a significant niche in the sector, gaining DropBox, Snowflake and Carta among its growing customer base.

Mutiny raised significant funding in a 2022 Series B round. This capital is being used to onboard talent, doubling the size of the team. It is also investing heavily in its technology to ensure that its AI remains accurate in determining customer preferences. As companies continue to invest more and more into their online marketing spend, Mutiny is in a strong position to continue its rapid growth.


  • You will create a name for yourself by bringing a level of design polish never before seen in this category while developing a spicy brand (in an otherwise boring space).
  • You will get exposure to real business problems every company faces (growth) that you can take with you to start your own company (or to help scale another).
  • You will have fun, plain and simple. There is a reason our first company value is that work should feel like play.
  • You will experience a new way of working. Our team is fully distributed across the US and EU. But we come together as a company for quarterly offsites (usually in super fun places). This combination of experience-based working is a competitive advantage we plan on leaning into.

Company values

  • Work should feel like play
  • Faster always wins
  • Stir the pot, regularly
  • Do the right thing when no one’s watching
  • All hands on deck
  • Live in the world you want to change

Funding (last 2 of 3 rounds)

Apr 2022



Sep 2021




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Previously worked as Director of Product Marketing at VMware, before joining Gusto's marketing team. They were an Advisor at Y Combinator and Google.

Previously co-founded LiveGit, and worked as Software Engineering Lead at Gusto.

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