Integrated Marketing Campaign Manager, DeepL


Salary not provided
Senior and Expert level

Deep learning for language translation

Open for applications


Deep learning for language translation

501-1000 employees

B2CB2BArtificial IntelligenceEnterpriseLanguagesMachine LearningSaaSAPIAutomation

Open for applications

Salary not provided
Senior and Expert level

501-1000 employees

B2CB2BArtificial IntelligenceEnterpriseLanguagesMachine LearningSaaSAPIAutomation

Company mission

DeepL's mission is to overcome language barriers and bring cultures closer together.


Who you are

  • The EMEA Campaign Manager position at DeepL requires a seasoned marketing expert with substantial experience in overseeing comprehensive, end-to-end marketing campaigns aiming to execute data-led demand generation campaign plan for achieving sales pipeline targets
  • This role requires a deep understanding of B2B marketing channel mix, project management skills, stellar execution power and stakeholder management abilities
  • At least 5-6 years of experience executing large-scale marketing campaigns, preferably within B2B SaaS organizations
  • Excellent project management skills and the ability to stay organized in high-pressure situations while managing multiple tasks from start to finish
  • Possesses a strong work ethic, collaborative mindset, and proven ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic workplace
  • Possesses a practical and proactive attitude with a humble approach, demonstrating proficiency in accomplishing tasks efficiently
  • Exceptional analytical skills and the ability to collaborate across functions to develop strategy and influence decision making

What the job involves

  • As a part of Marketing Org, EMEA Campaign Manager will be part of DeepL’s Demand Gen Team and report directly to Demand Gen Team Lead EMEA
  • Develop and orchestrate a data-driven demand generation campaigns to achieve sales goals within assigned geographic market segments
  • Own the creation and launch of integrated marketing campaigns, including internal team coordination, content production, campaign execution and reporting tracking
  • Collaborate with marketing, sales and operations stakeholders across the organization to ensure proper messaging, audience set, content assets mix, timing, and multi-channel campaign execution
  • Align with Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) on top-of-the-funnel campaign results, obtain qualitative feedback, and brainstorm campaign improvement ideas
  • Provide stakeholders with regular reports, campaign insights, and progress toward goals
  • Document processes in the campaign playbook to maintain full transparency and ongoing optimisation

Salary benchmarks

Otta's take

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

DeepL is a deep tech company developing neural networks that help people work with languages. Committed to advancing precision and idiomatic comprehension in business translation.

Founded in 2017, DeepL has quickly become a leader in language translation with its advanced generative AI model, setting new standards for accuracy and sophistication. Serving over 100,000 customers across media, education, transportation, and more, the company enhances communication efficiency across multinational teams and customer interactions via web apps, and integrated platforms, solidifying its industry position.

With recent funding and the launch of its new Write product, the company plans to expand globally, focusing on the US, Asia, and LATAM. As businesses prioritise accuracy, privacy, and security in translations, DeepL is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for specialised AI solutions in the enterprise sector.


Top investors

Many candidates hear
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103% employee growth in 12 months


Employee endorsements

Intelligent people

"We hire excellent people, both culturally and technically. Having so many different cultures, nationalities and characters at DeepL, it still always..."

Funding (2 rounds)

May 2024



Jan 2023



Total funding: $409.4m

Company benefits

  • Flexible working-from-home
  • Additional Occupational health and Accident Coverage
  • Hack Fridays
  • Work from home abroad
  • Regular international team events
  • Remote home office setup (furniture and equipment)
  • Mental wellbeing platform

Company values

  • We care We care about our (free) users, our customers, our fellow employees, the societies of this world and the environment/planet (in no particular order). We act ethically, empathetically and want DeepL to be making this world a better place. We are mindful about the consequences of our own actions and of the actions that are done by models that make decisions on our behalf. We listen to each others' problems and help one another to solve them.
  • We build for scale, quality and think long-term We understand that in order to make a significant impact in the world, we have to always think about solutions that scale and reach a significant number of users/customers. At the same time, DeepL is known for delivering highest quality AI products and we aim at maintaining this high quality bar for the solutions we develop. Our short term execution is based on current data, but in order to remain innovative we need to think ahead, assign enough resources and be brave enough for big bets which determine the next stages of future growth.
  • We are decisive, move fast and act as owners We understand that we need to move fast in the competitive environment we are in. We therefore make sure that our organization, processes and communication are as disciplined, effective and quick as possible - so that we can get our jobs done as quickly as possible. We optimise for the speed of learning - we release early in small steps and understand that this may break things - we make sure we detect this, improve and move on. We understand that such efficient operation is only possible when everybody assumes ownership, responsibility and is given the space to make decisions and act as independently as possible. We encourage bold decision making and understand that in a fast paced environment mistakes are a normal part of the learning process.
  • We are humble, open and collaborative DeepL is not a place where you boast with your title. We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. Our collective success is more important than that of any individual. We communicate transparently, openly and respectfully. We assume positive intent. Information is open by default and accessible to everybody, restricted only when really necessary.

Company HQ

GE Ehrenfeld, Köln, Germany


Originally the Head of Software Development at Andagon, before moving on to serve as CTO at Linguee - which resulted in the founding of DeepL.

Diversity & Inclusion at DeepL

  • Our diversity is one of our biggest strengths as a company, and we delight in the opportunity to work with DeeopLe from all corners of the globe and all walks of life. Here are some examples of what we currently do to ensure our company is welcoming and inclusive of everyone:
  • Our remote work policy makes work at DeepL accessible to parents, caregivers and those with additional needs that may form barriers to office work
  • We aim to eliminate bias from hiring via ‘blind feedback’- interviewers can’t see each other’s notes or any information about a candidate that is not directly related to their experience and skills
  • We actively reach out to underrepresented groups within that team when hiring for a new position
  • We make decisions collaboratively within our teams, not top-down- this means the diverse voices within DeepL are not just in the room but actively being heard and listened to with every move we make
  • We use inclusive language in our job descriptions and listen to advice about how to make them accessible to all applicants
  • We create diverse interview panels wherever possible to ensure candidates feel seen by people they can relate to
  • However, we know that we could do more- and we want to! Here are some of the steps we have in mind for the future:
  • Have a visible presence at industry events targeting underrepresented groups within tech, and start to organise events of our own
  • Continue to promote DeeopLe from diverse backgrounds into leadership positions within our teams
  • Continue to support shared interest groups within the company to allow people with shared difficulties or barriers in the industry to collaborate and support one another
  • Do you have some more ideas about what we could do to make DeepL more inclusive? Hit ‘apply’, and you can tell us all about it in the interview…

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