Staff Technical Program Manager, Reddit



+ Equity

Senior and Expert level
Remote in US

Online platform for thoughts, experiences and discussions

Job no longer available


Online platform for thoughts, experiences and discussions

1001+ employees

B2CB2BPublishingContentSocial MediaCommunity

Job no longer available


+ Equity

Senior and Expert level
Remote in US

1001+ employees

B2CB2BPublishingContentSocial MediaCommunity

Company mission

Reddit's mission is to bring community and belonging to everyone.


Who you are

  • High quality technical program management is a distinct and high value skillset, and while the roles generally don’t involve direct management, they are a part of the organizational leadership
  • 8+ years of collective experience in engineering and program management roles
  • Hands on experience with systems design & architecture related to software or infrastructure engineering
  • Strong communication and influencing skills
  • A team player mentality with the ability to work collaboratively across all levels of the organization
  • Proactive and curious by nature. You are creative and enjoy taking unique approaches to solve problems
  • Pragmatic; you take an iterative approach to developing processes and systems
  • Technical depth and judgment

What the job involves

  • The Technical Program Management Office (Tech PMO) exists to accelerate, scale, and empower all teams at Reddit to do their best work and advance our company’s mission
  • We operate from within the office of the CTO, maximizing our ability to galvanize and drive technical programs and solutions to solve company-wide problems
  • You will help plan and execute with a deep understanding of the processes, policies, and trade-offs that an opinionated cloud infrastructure stack will require
  • You will collaborate with leaders and TPMs across the company to build the processes necessary to streamline execution and ensure alignment to our long term strategy
  • As with any infrastructure role your job will be to assist in continually modernizing Reddits stack via migrations, deprecations and service decomposition
  • All while balancing risk, coordinating across frontend, backend and revenue producing teams
  • There are long term programs with multiple milestones that require scoping, scheduling and coordination to achieve.
  • Get Things Done. More than just displaying activity, counting sprint points, or delivering regular updates. You actually bring programs to completion and deliver real accomplishments for the business, and help your teams understand the difference
  • Dive into Details. You understand the details of their programs and help guide them with and in active partnership with their teams. You don’t just stay in the stratosphere or in an abstract process. You have the technical judgment to act as a partner with your teams in planning and decision making
  • Make Work Repeatable. You create and improve processes that smooth the path for others and prevent and remove recurring organizational toil (and the lower quality bar that often allows). You reuse processes developed elsewhere, and aid in adoption of standards where relevant
  • Mentor & Lead. You are good at, and enjoy, informally aiding others in developing key organizational and program skills. You’re a leader within the Program Management org, your programs, and support people in the process
  • Bring Order out of Chaos. You are known for leaving a program and the teams you support in a position of stronger organization than where they started, and those teams continue to succeed even when you are no longer specifically engaged in the program

Otta's take

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Reddit is a website that facilitates thousands of message board communities, known as subreddits, with an aim to promote authentic human connection. There are more than 100,000 communities on Reddit, covering everything, from food, entertainment, sports, and books, to more niche topics that cater for very specific audiences.

The simple platform is used by more than 52 million people a day and attracts over 50 billion monthly views. While these are impressive numbers, they do pale in comparison with social media giants Facebook and Twitter, however, Reddit distinguishes itself by providing easy-to-find communities for a truly endless range of topics.

Reddit makes money through advertising as well as offering a premium ad-free membership plan. The company has enjoyed continuous user & revenue growth, acquisitions by Conde Nast in 2006 and Advance in 2011, and plans to launch an IPO bid in 2024.


Top investors

Some candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

57% employee growth in 12 months


Funding (last 2 of 6 rounds)

Aug 2021



Feb 2021



Total funding: $1.2bn

Company benefits

  • Paid volunteer time off
  • 4+ months paid parental leave
  • Personal and professional development stipend
  • Work from home opportunities
  • Health insurance

Company values

  • Make something people love
  • Evolve
  • Work hard
  • Default open

Company HQ

SoMa, San Francisco, CA


After co-founding Reddit in 2005, they stepped away from the company to co-found Hipmunk, where they were the CTO. They returned to Reddit in 2015, and have been the CEO since.

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