Backend / API Engineer, Stripe

Money Movement and Storage


Senior level
Remote in US
New York
San Francisco Bay Area

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A financial infrastructure platform for businesses

Open for applications


A financial infrastructure platform for businesses

1001+ employees

FintechB2BPaymentsCredit cardsFinancial Services

Open for applications


Senior level
Remote in US
New York
San Francisco Bay Area

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1001+ employees

FintechB2BPaymentsCredit cardsFinancial Services

Company mission

To increase the GDP of the internet


Who you are

  • A strong technical background, including 5+ years of software engineering or a similar experience
  • Experience with project leadership and mentoring engineers
  • Familiarity with the full life cycle of software development, from design and implementation to testing and deployment
  • Strong coding skills for building high performance services
  • Strong analytical capability especially in modeling complex business flows and turning the business requirements into programmatic artifacts such as data models, algorithms, and API designs
  • Enjoy working with a diverse group of people with different areas of expertise. Engineering works closely with a variety of teams: Sales and Support to better understand our customers’ needs, Legal and Accounting to understand how global policies influence our money-moving infrastructure, etc


  • Prior knowledge in financial technology space, particularly in payment processing

What the job involves

  • We are part of the Money Movement and Storage (MMS) organization that is working towards a future in which all of the complexity that comes with handling money (e.g. accepting different currencies, adopting new payment methods, integrating with hundreds of banks globally) is abstracted away from Stripe’s users
  • This team is core to Stripe’s business and thousands of developers will use our platform and infrastructure to create valuable products and services that billions of people use
  • Our team works with product engineering and infrastructure teams across Stripe to build the platform that powers money movement for many of Stripe’s Products like Connect, Issuing, and Corporate Card
  • Ultimately, our goal is to increase the GDP of the internet by making it easy to build global products, services, and platforms that handle money
  • Scope, design, build, and maintain APIs, services, and large-scale systems that reliably and efficiently handle billions of money movement requests
  • Apply a detail-oriented mindset to dissect information, analyze data, and detect patterns that lead to cost savings
  • Debug and solve critical production issues across services and multiple levels of the stack
  • Mentor engineers to help them grow
  • Collaborate with stakeholders across the company to build new features at large-scale, while improving internal engineering standards, tooling, and processes
  • Collaborate effectively in a distributed and hybrid team, maintaining open communication and strong connections with colleagues

Otta's take

Theo Margolius headshot

Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

Stripe, nowadays a FinTech giant, spent the first few years since its founding building up its payments business, which primarily consisted of providing an API to eCommerce businesses so that they could easily integrate a payments option in their apps or websites, where before there was none.

More recently, Stripe has started to accelerate its growth with a significantly larger range of financial services including cash advances and credit cards. They also plan to build incorporation services, fraud protection, and more, diversifying its revenue away from payments and differentiating itself from its competitors.

To further expand its position, the company is looking to triple its presence in Ireland, and extend its services to countries with vast customer potential, including Brazil and India. Its latest venture, coming atop significant new funds, is to partner with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT - a win-win collaboration that will monetize OpenAI’s flagship products and at the same time enhance Stripe with GPT-4, as it moves forwards with intentions to "build the payments foundation for tomorrow's AI economy."


Top investors

Some candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

-5% employee growth in 12 months


Funding (last 2 of 13 rounds)

Mar 2023



Mar 2021



Total funding: $8.7bn

Company benefits

  • Unlimited paid time off policy
  • Work from home opportunities
  • Comprehensive mental, physical and medical health plans
  • Fertility benefits and parental leave

Company values

  • Built for builders - The best reason to work at Stripe is that you will have colleagues who support and challenge you to do the best work of your career. We combine a big-picture mindset with obsessive attention to the details, down to the last pixel, API parameter, and word.
  • An environment of growth - We care about results more than CVs. We value managers who remain experts while developing talent and designing successful orgs. You can also have a big impact and advance far without managing anyone. We want you to take what you’ve been hired to do, and show us how it’s done – you might create something we never would have imagined. We have had account managers start a publishing arm, interns who have run business units, and hackathon participants who have built company-defining products.
  • Fast-paced, detail oriented - We balance innovation with scrupulous attention to every bit and byte involved in the movement of money – because we can’t do our job well unless we do both. When we started, we emailed every API error to everyone at the company. Now, we have more than 250 million API requests a day – and we still care about each one.
  • Voraciously curious - We wish there was a book that described what we need to do next (we’d even publish it), but since there isn’t, we all have to write it together. You will need to find answers to questions you’ve never been asked before. Sometimes, you will be the first person ever to contemplate a particular problem. We want people who devour books for fun and approach new challenges with eager curiosity.

Company HQ

SoMa, San Francisco, CA


Patrick Collison

(Content Strategist)

Studied maths at MIT before founding Stripe. Also on the board of the Long Now Foundation.

John Collison


Studied at Harvard but dropped out to found Stripe.

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