Typescript + Rust Engineer, Parity

Salary not provided
Junior, Mid and Senior level
Remote in EU, UK

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Blockchain infrastructure for the decentralised web

Job no longer available


Blockchain infrastructure for the decentralised web

201-500 employees

B2BCryptocurrencyDeep TechSaaSBlockchainWeb 3.0

Job no longer available

Salary not provided
Junior, Mid and Senior level
Remote in EU, UK

More information about location

201-500 employees

B2BCryptocurrencyDeep TechSaaSBlockchainWeb 3.0

Company mission

To enable businesses and organisations to capitalise on blockchain technology and benefit from the new opportunities it presents.


Who you are

  • Be able to work autonomously and function well in a distributed team. A big part of this is being an excellent communicator; conveying ideas clearly, helping others, sharing regular progress updates and raising concerns and blockers quickly
  • Take an interest in blockchain technology in general and Substrate/Polkadot in particular: you'll build an awareness of the problems that the ecosystem faces and how we can help to solve them
  • Have demonstrable experience in TypeScript, in particular open source projects, and keen to grow and improve in this area
  • Take an interest in the Rust programming language, its community and values: we use Rust extensively, and often push it to the limits to deliver robust and performant software
  • Have a good understanding of networking fundamentals, including TCP/IP, HTTP and WebSockets, and demonstrable experience building HTTP based APIs and clients
  • Ideally you'll live within 2 hours of UTC+0, but exceptional candidates outside of this timezone will also be considered

What the job involves

  • You're applying to join the Product Engineering department, and you'll be focused on building and maintaining tooling and applications (written primarily in TypeScript and Rust) which make it easier for developers to explore and interact with Substrate based blockchains such as Polkadot
  • Some examples of the projects you're likely to contribute to:
  • Substrate-connect-wallet: A wallet written in TypeScript directly connected to a light-client for Substrate chains
  • Substrate-api-sidecar: A RESTful service build using TypeScript which exposes some high level APIs for gathering information from Substrate nodes
  • Polkadot-js: A collection of tools, APIs and libraries written in Typescript to interact with the Polkadot ecosystem
  • Substrate-telemetry: a Rust backend and TypeScript+React frontend responsible for gathering and displaying live information about chains on the Polkadot network
  • You’ll design, build and maintain TypeScript-based tools/libraries to help internal/external teams build, debug, instrument and manage substrate-based blockchains
  • You'll find yourself gradually taking ownership of different areas of our codebases and projects
  • You'll likely spend around 70% of your time contributing to our TypeScript projects and 30% contributing to our Rust ones, with the exact split depending on your own skills and preferences
  • You will work fully remotely, working in a remote team of ~10 engineers based mostly around Europe

Otta's take

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Parity is a blockchain developer that builds infrastructure for the next generation of the internet. The open-source nature of Parity helps charities, businesses, and fintech institutions make the most of Web 3.0.

Founded in 2015 by department-heading employees of Ethereum, Parity has already partnered with the likes of Watr to track ethical commodities to help African economies. Its partnership with Aventus will help enterprises make more of the technology they champion. Both partnerships are examples of how scalable, flexible and powerful Parity’s infrastructure could be for the future of the internet.

With a focus on decentralisation, Parity has attracted investors such as the Digital Currency Group and the Ethereum Foundation, showing how integral they are to next-gen web development. Whilst it has yet to seek funding beyond its seed funding and several grants, its partnerships with larger companies, as well as the success of its subsidiaries (such as Polkadot) will definitely help propel Parity into the future.


Top investors

Few candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

27% employee growth in 12 months


Funding (2 rounds)

Jan 2019



Apr 2016



Total funding: $5.8m

Company benefits

  • Free German language courses
  • Personal development budget
  • Free drinks and snacks
  • Company and team events
  • A KICKASS team with the ambition to change the world with open-source software

Company values

  • Work on what interests you - Parity believes people do their best work when they’re driven by their own curiosity and interest. They align people with the projects they’re passionate about
  • Work on your own terms - Flexible schedule and location. Work from home or bring your dog to the office. Most communication is done asynchronously through GitHub and chat
  • Do meaningful work - Parity is an organization where people are valued for their contributions. They focus on development, not on unnecessary meetings

Company HQ

Westminster, London, UK


Gavin Wood


Co-founder of Polkadot. Founder and President at Web3 Foundation, previously Co-Founder at Grid Singularity, Co-Founder and CTO at Ethereum Foundation, and Director of Technology at OxLegal.

Initially served as CCO at the company before transitioning into their current role as CEO.

Diversity & Inclusion at Parity

  • Female founded

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