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To create the ideal identity verification experience for your business and customers.



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Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Persona enables businesses to verify customer identities, bringing trust to online interactions and helping with age verification, fraud prevention, and account recovery. It offers a comprehensive suite of automated identity verification components with worldwide coverage that can be configured, branded, and themed to create custom-tailored flows that cover any use case.

Businesses and governmental organisations can access Persona’s platform by way of an API, which lets them use a variety of documents from government-issued IDs through to biometrics to verify that customers are who they say they are. Persona’s platform also collects passive signals such as a user’s device, location, and behavioral signals to provide a more holistic view of a user’s risk profile which is useful in financial and insurance applications.

Having raised a large amount of funding through 2021, Persona has been focusing on scaling its offering and has developed a worldwide market presence, being used in almost every country and available in 20 languages. Going forward Persona will continue to play a valuable role in protecting businesses against losses associated with identity fraud, forming an identity layer to make the internet safer and more trusted.

Total funding - $217.6m

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May 2021



Sep 2021



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  • Professional Development
  • Catered meals
  • Wellness benefit
  • 401(k)
  • Unlimited time off
  • Parental benefits
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Company values

  • People first. We will not make decisions that are good for the business but are not good for people — whether those people are our customers, their customers, or our team.
  • Pursue relentlessly high standards. We hold ourselves to a high bar today and a higher one tomorrow. While we celebrate our wins, we constantly strive to raise the bar.
  • Lead by serving. We share early and often to push our work forward, creating a space where it’s ok to ask questions and show unpolished demos instead of waiting for a perfect spec.
  • Work in public. We encourage collaboration and transparency, sharing early and often to push our work forward. We create a space that makes others comfortable to ask questions, share unfinished thoughts, and show unpolished demos instead of waiting for a perfect spec.
  • Start small, think big. Starting small allows us to provide value while learning lessons without losing sight of our vision.
  • Speed is not a tradeoff. Speed is important, but so is quality. We strive to find ways to optimize and increase both. Going fast does not imply that our quality will suffer. Instead, it means we focus on being more efficient while continuing to operate at a high level.


Bachelor's in Computer Science, Maths, Economics at Rice University. KPCB Engineering Fellow, then Engineer at Square.

Studied Computer Science at Brown. Software Engineer at Zynga, and Technical Lead at Dropbox.

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