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Open-source API gateway & API management platform

101-200 employees
  • B2B
  • Enterprise
  • Internal tools
  • API
Shoreditch, London

Company mission

Tyk's mission is to connect every system in the world through finely-tooled, performant engineering. Tyk is an open-source API Gateway that is fast, scalable and modern.

Top investors

Few candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

38% female employees

-10% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Tyk provides an API management platform that allows companies to share data securely with third parties, allowing them to sell their services through non-direct channels.

The API gateway and management platform serves as a management and security layer between APIs, to make it easier for businesses to harness their power on a huge scale. Product acts as a security layer between the organisation’s API and those who require access to it.

The company powers millions of transactions per day, for thousands of organisations including AXA, Cisco, Trip Advisor, Starbucks, Domino’s, Sephora and the UK Ministry of Justice.

The company used its 2021 funding to accelerate the growth of its API management platform, particularly around the GraphQL-focused Universal Data Graph product.


  • Everyone has unlimited paid holiday
  • We have total flexibility in hours, as we believe creativity flows better when our people are given freedom to decide when they are most productive. Everyone is unique after all
  • Employee share scheme
  • Generous maternity and paternity leave
  • Company retreats

Funding (2 rounds)

Sep 2021



Apr 2019




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Previously Head of Technology and Product Development at Lucky Voice for 3 years and Technical Architect at LBi for 1 year

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Joined as Lead Engineer, promoted to Head Of Engineering after 3 years

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