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OLX Group

Global online marketplace aggregator

1001+ employees
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Zuidas, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Company mission

To shape the future of trade to unlock the hidden value in everything.

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Xav Kearney headshot

Xav Kearney

CTO of Otta

OLX group started as an alternative to Craigslist outside the US and has since ridden the wave of classifieds, e-commerce and marketplaces to become one the most prominent web platforms in the world.

Over 300 million people use an OLX group website every month. The company has managed to reach this level primarily through the acquisition and integration of emerging marketplaces that typically delight customers with their easy-use and quality range.

The company is now deepening its M&A strategy by integrating further marketplaces and inventories on behalf of its largest platforms, like OLX Autos. The business has already done $1B of revenue since operation.

While some brands have been flying high, others like the Russian-based Avito have become liabilities. Navigating these fluctuations in the fortunes of its ever growing portfolio of brands will continue to pose the biggest challenge for the group.

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Romain Voog

(CEO, not founder)

Senior VP Worldwide Geographies at Airbnb after leaving Amazon as President of Amazon France. Before that, was promoted to Managing Director of CarrefourOnline. Originally trained as a consultant with Bain and then BCG.

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