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Infrastructure and APIs for FinTech

1001+ employees
  • Fintech
  • B2B
  • Banking
  • Internal tools
  • SaaS
  • API
San Francisco, US

Company mission

Plaid's mission is to unlock financial freedom for everyone.

Top investors

Few candidates hear
back within 2 weeks

40% female employees

-15% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take

Xav Kearney headshot

Xav Kearney

CTO of Otta

Plaid builds infrastructure that allows a consumer to interact with their bank account on the web through a number of third-party applications, like Venmo, Robinhood, Coinbase, Acorns and LendingClub.

Plaid has integrated with 12,000 financial institutions in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. About a quarter of people living in North America with bank accounts have linked with Plaid through at least one of the hundreds of apps that leverage Plaid’s application program interfaces (APIs). The platform allows companies to create financial services applications without having to hire their own team of engineers to build out a tool that connects apps to its users’ bank accounts.

This is very valuable in a world where there are increasing number of fintechs, so the demand for Plaid's services are only going to grow. Despite its strong position, it has not been immune to the difficult global economic situtation and was forced to restructure at the end of 2022, laying off some of its workforce. However it is still experiencing growth and is well-positioned to weather the current economic uncertainty.


  • From medical, life, dental and pension schemes, we’re here to support your physical, mental, and financial wellbeing
  • We want everyone to feel ownership over their work - literally, which is why we offer equity to full-time Plaids
  • Monthly wellness stipend (gym on us)
  • Every Plaid is in control of their career development with our learning stipends, tools, and trainings
  • We give Plaids the freedom and flexibility to choose where they work - whether that is in a Plaid office, at home in any supported location, or a mix of both!
  • Two weeks of synchronous, company-wide vacation
  • We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner to keep you well-fed and healthy (when working from the office)

Company values

  • Impact - We are building a company in order to create outcomes for consumers, and for our customers. The work we do is focused on creating extraordinary results for both. We choose what we work on and measure ourselves by the lasting impact created.
  • Grow, together - We constantly strive to learn and improve — as individuals, as a team, and as a company. We foster a culture of feedback, delivered frequently and empathetically. We are each responsible for our own growth, and for the growth of those around us.
  • Embrace openness and positivity - These characteristics play an important role in how we interact with each other, and how we represent ourselves to the world. We are intentional with our openness (or clear when we cannot be), and we approach our relationships and challenges with optimism.
  • Think rigorously; act with urgency - We work diligently to make sound decisions — but we also recognise that speed matters. We move with urgency to bring our work to the world.
  • Make it better - Each of us is an owner of Plaid. We are committed to continuous improvement and leaving things better than we found them. It is not perfection we seek, but valuable, pragmatic improvements to our products, our company, and our craft.
  • Consumer outcomes via customer love - Plaid exists to improve outcomes for consumers. The primary way we achieve this is through the love and loyalty of our customers. We work with and through our customers, always with the best interest of the consumer in mind
  • Invent tomorrow - We think big and take responsibility for creating the financial ecosystem we want to exist. We don’t wait to see what the future will bring; we create it ourselves

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Apr 2021



Dec 2018




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He was a Consultant at Bain and previously a Research Fellow and Trustee at Duke before co-founding Plaid

William Hockey

(Board Director)

He was previously an associate at Bain and has since moved on from Plaid to become Co-CEO at Column

Diversity & Inclusion at Plaid

Andrea Cruz headshot

Andrea Cruz (DEIB Program Manager)

  • We are promoting equity by continuing to build employee programs to attract and keep talent growing and thriving at Plaid.
  • We foster inclusion by offering annual DEIB education.
  • We are building belonging with our four Plaid Community Groups: Plaids of Colour, Plaids of Faith, PLGBTQ+ and Women+.



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