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Grafana Labs

Organization monitoring, visualization and observability platform

1001+ employees
  • B2B
  • Analytics
  • Visualisation
  • SaaS
  • Data Analysis
Financial District, New York, NY

Company mission

To unite data, no matter where it lives, and empower its users to analyze, take action, and make smart decisions.

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49% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take

Sam Franklin headshot

Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Observability plays a crucial role in software development, where dashboards are pivotal for monitoring the health of IT infrastructure across an organization. However, for developers, the frustration of spending unnecessary time navigating between different dashboards to find the latest information detracts from valuable programming time.

Grafana collaborates closely with its clients to create customizable observability platforms, striving to enhance efficiency in observability. Its offerings include cloud-based data structures, dashboards, API plugins, and collaboration tools. Currently, FGrafana boasts over 21M active instances and approximately 10M users globally, with a customer base exceeding 2,000, including prominent names like Bloomberg, PJ Morgan Chase, eBay, PayPal, and Sony.

While Grafana provides free plans with a simplified tool package, the Grafana Enterprise Stack offers customized observability solutions on a monthly subscription basis. The company's ongoing strategy revolves around continually improving Grafana to meet users' demands, enhancing functionality with each iteration, and fostering community engagement by enabling users to share their Grafana dashboards with the broader open-source community.


  • Vacation: Balance is key. Our team enjoys 30 days of paid vacation each year on top of national holidays, parental leave, and sick leave. We also take a breather on a number of Grafana Shutdown Days each year
  • Healthcare: We’re proud to provide health coverage or stipends for our colleagues in the US, UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore, and India
  • Retirement planning: There’s no time like the present to start saving for your future. We make employer contributions into the pension pots of our team members in the US, UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany
  • Professional development: On top of a $1,500 annual learning and development stipend, Grafanistas have thousands of on-demand courses at their fingertips to help them grow professionally. Want to attend a conference or training? Go ahead. Just pass on what you learned
  • Work location: Vast majority of our roles are fully remote, focused on hiring the best talent and allowing you to perform from the comfort of your home. If you fancy a change of scene, we’ll also reimburse you up to $175 a month for a personal co-working space
  • Choice of tech: There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the tech required to do your job. Choose the laptop and accessories you need when you join us, and we’ll refresh them every three years
  • Mindfulness: When you join the team, you can sign up for a complimentary subscription to Headspace to take advantage of the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. Our wellbeing resource group also organize sessions run by fellow Grafanistas or external trainers
  • Fond Perks: Grafanistas across the world receive access to Fond, a platform that provides access to pre-negotiated discounts on a wide variety of services including entertainment, food, and fitness
  • Global Employee Assistance Program: We offer all team members a 100% confidential support service with 24/7 365 access to professionally qualified counsellors and specialists

Company values

  • Share openly and default to transparency
  • Respectfully empowered
  • OSS is in our DNA
  • We keep our commitments
  • Seek diverse perspectives
  • Don't let perfect get in the way
  • Help each other thrive

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Raj Dutt

(Co-Founder & CEO)

Currently a Board Member at NSONE. Previously founded Voxel where they served as the CEO for 12 years. They also served as the Senior Vice President of Technology at Internap Network Services.

Torkel Ödegaard


Graduated from Mälardalen University with a Master's in Computer Science. Founder of Coding Instinct. Previously worked as a Consultant at H&M, Avega, and Ebay.

Anthony Wood


Previously worked at Visa and Voxel as a Senior Systems Engineer. They also have Systems Engineering axperience at PalVision and iiNet.

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