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Local food delivery platform

1001+ employees
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901 Market Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103

Company mission

To empower local economies by connecting food lovers with great local restaurants


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13% employee growth in 12 months

Otta's take

Theo Margolius headshot

Theo Margolius

COO of Otta

DoorDash was an early entrant into the last-mile restaurant delivery business, which is now crowded with the likes of Uber Eats, Postmates and GrubHub. They offer restaurants an end-to-end delivery platform, generating new business and access to a network of delivery drivers.

To differentiate itself in the market, DoorDash focused on areas with fewer competitors and found success in this untapped market. Other factors, such as the company's targeting of restaurants which many not typically offer a delivery service, also contribute to its profitability. The company made its stock market debut in 2020 with one of the biggest IPOs of the year.

However, in light of increasing discontent around DoorDash's commission structure from restaurants, competition remains fierce. The business recently responded by publishing a transparent fee structure, but the number of options open to restaurants means DoorDash must fight to keep its customers loyal. Despite this, by focusing on consumer retention, logistics and technology, the company is likely able to maintain its existing growth and revenue.


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Company values

  • We are doers
  • We are learners
  • We are leaders
  • We are one team

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Tony studied at UCB and worked as a Matrix Partners Associate while studying for an MBA at Stanford. He combined this experience to co-found DoorDash in January 2013, and has served as CEO since June 2013.

Previously studied Computer Science at Stanford, before working at Facebook as a Software Engineer.

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