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1001+ employees
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Sunset Park, Santa Monica, CA

Company mission

To empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.

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-9% employee growth in 12 months

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Sam Franklin

CEO of Otta

Snap is the social media giant that owns Snapchat, a social media mobile app released in 2011. Created to serve as a more emotive communication form than texting, the app has gained mass popularity, reaching upwards of 400 million daily users worldwide.

After rejecting a billion dollar acquisition from Meta (then Facebook) in 2013, Snap has found itself in competition with the social media giant, particularly with Instagram. Despite this, the company has marked a place for itself in the ever competitive social media space through developing features like a Discover tab, augmented reality lenses, in-app games, ads and monetisation options, as well as launching its paid service, Snapchat+.

Snap has so far not earned an annual profit since going public in 2017, but as Snapchat's user base has continually increased it has nearly closed the gap. Like other tech companies it suffered in late 2022 due to a surprise drop in advertising revenue, but has been rebuilding to its former trajectory since then. Given Snapchat's lasting popularity amongst young people, further success appears likely.


  • Vision coverage, including LASIK benefits
  • Meditation and yoga classes
  • Compensation packages that let you share in Snap's long-term success!
  • Speaker series, classes and subscriptions to educational programmes
  • Short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance and AD&D insurance
  • Social gatherings, team outings and volunteering programmes
  • Snap Inc. provides a 401(k) plan that allows you to save on a pre-tax, Roth and after-tax basis for your retirement (yes, we even have the Mega Backdoor option!)
  • Gym perks and discounts
  • Paid maternity, paternity and family caregiver leave
  • Emotional and mental health support programmes and apps
  • Adoption, surrogacy, infertility and fertility preservation benefits
  • Backup child care coverage, caregiver assistance and digital maternity care support
  • Comprehensive medical coverage, including PPO, HSA and HMO options
  • Dental coverage, including orthodontia benefits
  • Team fitness classes, hikes and races
  • Sports leagues
  • Cooking and nutritional workshops
  • Generous time off and leave programmes
  • Rocket Lawyer memberships
  • Financial education programmes
  • Have a teammate going through a tough time? Lend them a hand through our internal Snap-a-wish programme! We'll work hard to make sure they get the support they need.

Company values

  • We Are Kind - We solve problems through action, make high-quality decisions and think with a strategic mindset
  • We Are Smart - We solve problems through action, make high-quality decisions and think with a strategic mindset
  • We Are Creative - We gracefully manage ambiguity, cultivate innovation and demonstrate an insatiable desire to learn

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Evan Spiegel


Graduated from Standford with a BS in Product Design.

Bobby Murphy


Studied Mathematical and Computational Science at Stanford.

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